Best Digital Multiplayer Video Games.

Staying at home could be boring especially during this Corona pandemic era hence the need to find engaging fun activities to indulge in. The fact that people living in city apartments are unable to access gardens since they do not have their own gardens adds to the tragedy. This people have been forced to utilize digital entertainment as a form of solace against boredom, including digital games; video games to be precise.

In this article we are going to highlight some of the best digital games that you could play with your friends during this crisis. You can play some of this games on your desktop, laptop, Xbox or play station. Before worrying yourself out on the prices of this games, your pocket has absolutely been taken into consideration.


If you are a football fanatic then this game is undeniably yours as it features everything you like about the sport in great graphics. This game goes for only $59.99 and you can buy it online from Amazon, eBay, and such like enterprises since it is prudent to stay at home at these times. FIFA 20 could be a great way for you to overcome boredom by playing with your friends wherever they are.

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Fifa 20 video game 

This game allows you to select your favorite team and represent it playing against your friends’ teams. You could also play the career mode in this game, either as a player or a manager; on top of these modes there are several modes having different sets of rules to play in this game. If you are considering getting yourself, friend or loved one a cheap multiplayer game then FIFA 20 is your game.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, PUBG

This game developed by PUBG Corporation is one of the best games to kill time with at times like this. This amazing games enables you to connect with your friends anywhere in the world and play. The amazing fact is that you can play PUBG from your android mobile device or even desktop or laptop by installing the Tencent gaming buddy emulator on our PC, the paid version costs $29.99 only on steam or Xbox live.

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The fact that the game is freely available for android users makes it count as one of the best digital games you can find solace in. This shooter game is all you need as you lock yourself indoors at the comfort of your internet and entertain yourself all day long. PUBG comes with a user friendly interface hence you will be a pro in no minute playing the game.

Read Dead Online

 This games is a nice way of reminiscing the good olden days when gaming with your friends was all about inviting them to your home and taking positions on the sofa as you played only to be limited by the time.  Read Dead Online enables you to pretty do anything with your characters thus adding to the spirit of adventure in the game. The game is full of energy through the numerous action scenes that will thrill you.

It is time you put to end sulking at home due to boredom and enlighten your days with this eventful game. Read Dead Online also will be one of the great ways to reconnect with your friends and have a great ‘adventure’ that you cannot manage to have during this pandemic. This game is quite a catch and could be the crayon that you just need to color a loved one’s day by getting them this iconic game.  

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V established by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games is one of the greatest action-adventure games that will ensure that you are fully entertained. Grand theft 5 goes at a price of only $29.99 making it one of the cheap multiplayer games that will accord you all the fun you need at this somber times. The game has a great storyline that enables you to engage in numerous missions and activities directed at each game character along the storyline.

The mazing fact is that the game unveils like a novel with its great inevitable storyline that enables you to switch among the three main protagonists of the game each having his special capabilities and roles to play in the game thus making coexistence of this characters inescapable. Despite the fact that you can play this game solely and achieve satisfaction, the game could even be better when played with friends. GTA V is the right game to have in your collection or your loved one’s collection to ensure that they have a bright day.

Forza Horizon 4

Maybe you are not into action -adventure games or shooter games; that does not mean that we do not have a thing for you. Are you a car fanatic and into racing games? If yes, then Forza Horizon 4 is the best shot that we could aim at impressing you and ensuring that you have a great time.

This game enables you to race against your friends and offers you all the thrill cars in games could offer you. Despite the fact that the game goes for a price of $34.99 and there are numerous games that come less the price or even free, this game is absolutely worth the price as it comes with a great interface that ensures that you have quality play time with your friends all through.

Sea of Thieves

Would you like a game that is less of a battlefield? This 2018 action-adventure game is one of its kind in that allows you take quests that enable you to establish your character to a more advanced character. The game features a pirate who quests to be a pirate legend and it is absolutely worth your time as one of the best digital games.

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The above games are some of the best multiplayer games to find solace in during this COVID-19 pandemic and connect with your friends. In coming up with the list we took your pocket into consideration and quality of the game. All the highlighted games have great graphics hence your satisfaction is guaranteed.