12 Places You Can Find Online Transcription Jobs and How Much They Pay.


Once you’ve learned how to transcribe, you’ll come upon tons of transcription companies and many jobs search sites where you can look for transcription work. 

What Are Transcribing Jobs?

But first, if you’re a beginner, you’ll need to know what transcription jobs are.

Transcribing jobs are remote jobs that require you to convert audio or video files into text forms. Mainly, you’ll have to listen to existing records that are assigned to you and type them out accurately.

Requirements for Doing Online Transcription Work

The following are some of the general requirements that you need to meet for an online transcription job.

  1. Native Level of English: Most websites are really serious about having a high level of familiarity with the English language, even if you don't live in an English-speaking country. They are not wrong because you need to be able to understand the language deeply to be able to transcribe properly.
  2. Computer and Internet Access: A good computer and a strong internet network is required.
  3. Good Typing Speed: Typing speed matters a lot here. A decent typing speed will allow you to earn more by typing quickly.
  4. Pass the Skill Test: Any good website will want you to go through a test to ensure that you have what it takes. Don't worry, they will provide you with the guidelines that you need to follow.
  5. Listening Abilities: You need to be able to understand different accents and make out words that are spoken in a sometimes-noisy environment. This job will test your listening abilities a lot.

Before we get to the top 12, here’s a little insight into the three main types of freelance transcription.

General Transcription

General transcription includes pretty much every type of transcription except for legal and medical.

    Legal Transcription

Legal transcription is typing up legal documents from audio or video files. This differs from scoping, which is typing up transcripts that were taken down by a court reporter on their steno machine, usually with audio backup.

Medical Transcription

If you live outside the United States, especially in the developing world, you can earn money doing medical Transcription work.

Let’s take a tour and see the companies that pay you for Transcription


TranscribeMe provides the best 'work from home' transcription jobs online and is known for its regular payouts and steady work stream. They have the industry's best rates, with earnings starting at $20 per audio hour and the top monthly earning ranges up to $2,200. For more details visit their page here.


One of the biggest and most well-known transcription companies. It has tests that you have to complete before you’re hired — the Rev transcription test and grammar quiz — but it seems to always have work available. Typically, you can choose your own schedule and do as much or as little work as you want.

Rev has a reputation for low pay, about 30 cents to $1.10per audio or video minute. But if you want to get started and have a completely flexible schedule while you’re learning and building your skills, this might be a good fit. It’s also a way to try out online transcription jobs and earn some money to see if you enjoy it before you invest in training. Rev also has options for video captioning work, which pays at 54 cents to $1.10 per audio or video minute, and if you know a foreign language, subtitle work for $1.50 to $3 per audio or video minute.

Audio Transcription Center

The Audio Transcription Center has a higher pay rate, for its freelance transcription jobs: $1 per audio minute. Much of its work focuses on oral history interviews and focus groups.

It has an online application and requires a resume and cover letter as well. It also requires a screenshot of a typing test showing a performance of 75 words per minute or more with at least 98% accuracy. 


Scribie is perfect for freelance audio/video transcription work. They pay between $5 to $25 /audio hour, plus you get a bonus of $5 if you complete three audio hours in a month. All their payments are sent via PayPal and they require a verified PayPal account. Also, you need to go through a test and get certified as a transcriber, before you work for them.

Deposition Services, Inc.

This is another option for finding legal transcription jobs. Deposition Services, Inc. provides a two-week online training program for its legal transcription work. It specializes in transcribing depositions, hearings, conferences, and seminars.


The company offers general, legal, and medical transcription jobs. Ubiqus’ pays per word instead of per audio minute. The rate of pay varies depending on the content of the audio.

It’s hard to compare a per-word rate with a per-minute rate, and there are a lot of variables such as how quickly or slowly someone talks, but it roughly averages out to around $1 per audio minute, give or take.

Quick Tate

It’s a well-known transcription company that does business with consumer giants like Coca Cola, Wells Fargo, and Ford. Mainly, you’ll find call transcription and auditing jobs on QuickTate.

While other platforms usually require transcribing lectures, videos, and interviews, here, you’ll have to transcribe voicemail, voice memos, phone calls, and speeches. On average, the platform pays about $5 to $10 per audio hour, depending on the job you take up and it pays through pay pal.

Although no experience is required to sign up and begin working with QuickTate, you’ll still have to pass the transcription test. Once you pass the test and register on the site, you can access the job lists and start working at flexible hours.

GMR Transcription

It offers excellent opportunities for freelancers. You can earn about $1000 to $3000 per month, depending on your skills, qualifications, and the difficulty of the audio file you’re assigned.

Moreover, they have a variety of transcription jobs available in English to the Spanish language. They provide transcription services for educational use, legal files, market research companies, and podcasts.

Signing up with GMR Transcription is easy. You’ll have to start by submitting your resume. After that, you’ll get an email about the entry test details. The test is mainly the job you’ll be doing on the site, you’ll have to transcribe an audio file. If you’re selected, they will contact you within one or two weeks. Also, you’ll be on probation until you transcribe at least two video or audio hours accurately.

Daily Transcription

It provides training so you can learn as you go, and it pays weekly via check. Its work tends to focus on video and television transcription, but you’ll also find some legal and academic work.

It pays a higher rate than some of the companies described above, about 75 cents to 85 cents per audio minute. Daily Transcription requires a skills assessment test and a transcription test to get started, and you need to have typing skills of at least 50 words per minute.


SpeechPad is an audio transcription company and most of the work on Speechpad consists of insurance company interviews. If you want to sign up on Speechpad, you should have a typing speed of 40 words per minute. We know what you’re thinking; most beginners don’t know their typing speeds.

Beginners on SpeechPad earn about $0.25 per minute, while more seasoned transcribers can earn up to $1 per minute. The best part is, you can get quick payouts through PayPal every Friday and Tuesday. Besides that, SpeechPad also has a bonus program for transcribers who want to increase their earnings. Transcribers who qualify get a bonus on their weekly payouts. This can help you earn over $20 per hour.


While other companies provide limited opportunities to beginners and prefer experienced transcribers, CastingWords offers an equal platform for all.

When you sign up for the site, you’ll need to give out some personal information like your email or Facebook account. The site will notify you if you’re accepted, and you’ll get access to a list of jobs available.

All the jobs have the time duration of the audio written alongside. This way, you can pick a job depending on the time you have to spare. The site will give you a score on your performance for every task you complete. High-rankers can get jobs with higher payouts. Usually, you can earn about $0.50 for every minute.

Focus Forward

It does all kinds of transcription, from focus groups, meetings, and TV logging. The company pays 40 cents per audio minute, paid weekly via PayPal, with opportunities to participate in higher-paying assignments the longer you’re with the company. It, too, requires applicants to pass a transcription test to quality.


In Conclusion, it is essential to do some background check on the companies. It is also worth to note that it takes time to build a credible portfolio of clients to earn a decent earning from transcription. Patience and perseverance are, therefore, key when starting in this profession.

To be trusted by clients, one has to create a culture of consistency and delivering quality work. Trust comes from consistently giving quality, timely work to the client each time that one has a project.

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