How to Make Money on Twitter.


What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking platform that enables users to post and interact with messages known as “tweets”. Tweets can be up to a maximum of 140 characters and can include links to relevant resources and websites.

You can follow people and organisations with similar academic and personal interests to you. With over 330 million active monthly users, it is an excellent platform to earn revenue.

Creating a Twitter Account.

The first step to start earning on Twitter is to create a Twitter account if you don’t already have one. This can be done by following these simple steps:

  • Go to and sign up.
  • Join Twitter. Enter your name, your email, a password, and a username.
  • Click “create my account”.
  • Build your timeline. Follow people you know or topics you are interested in.
  • Confirm email.
  • Add character by uploading your profile photo.
  • Upload any header you want.
  • Add your business website so that your followers can be able to access it.
  • Add your bio. Describe yourself briefly. You could write about things you love to do or the name of your business or any other personal information you want to add.
  • Link your account with Facebook.
  • You are ready to engage with other tweeps.

How to earn money on Twitter.

When you have already created your account, you can start considering the following options:

  1. Use Sponsored Tweets.
  2. Promote Affiliate Products on Twitter.
  3. Promote Your Own Products.
  4. Generate Traffic for Your Website.
  5. Build a Twitter List.
  6. Run a Giveaway.
  7. Create Twitter Ads.
  8. Monetize Your Twitter Presence.

Use Sponsored Tweets.

Sponsored Tweets allows brands to tap into a Twitter user’s followers to reach new customers. The only thing tweeters need to do is write a tweet based on some simple guidelines provided by the advertiser. There are several factors that can boost your Sponsored Tweets cash flow:

  • Choose your keywords wisely: When establishing sponsored tweets, you should choose keywords that attract users to your tweets. This involves tweeting about popular topics such as food, travel, clothes, shoes, celebrities, music, art and so on.
  • Boost your clout score: Your clout score refers to the number that relates to the size and strength of your sphere of influence on Twitter. It indicates how likely it is that someone will listen to what you have to say or act on a message you provide. It involves engagement, reach, velocity, demand, network strength, and activity. The higher it is, the more influential you are.
  • Improve your follower activation rate: Sponsored Tweets judge the quality of a Twitter user is by their follower activation rate. It’s not always about the number of followers you have but the influence you have on them.

Promote Affiliate Products on Twitter.

You can set up a Tweet engagement campaign which will promote your tweets to other people’s timelines. You can use the following tips:

  1. Relevancy is Key: Make sure the products you are promoting are relevant to your followers.
  2. Personalization Matters: A personal recommendation is going to get a much better response in terms of actual conversions because it will be in your voice and hopefully out of your experience with the product.
  3. Make Genuine Recommendations: This is important because a bad recommendation may hurt your relationship with your followers therefore you should only recommend products you have used or products used by someone you trust.
  4. Be Conversational: Engage with your twitter followers and other influencers in order to gain experience and also knowledge on appropriate affiliate marketing programs to use and how to continue growing your account.
  5. Link to Affiliate Products Indirectly: It would be much more effective and less intrusive with the culture on Twitter to tweet a link to a post you’ve written on your blog that includes an affiliate link than to tweet the affiliate link directly.
  6. Moderation is Important: If all you ever do is promote products, you’re unlikely to grow a readership or become anyone with any kind of influence on Twitter.
  7. Listen to Your Followers: If you engage in affiliate marketing on twitter make sure you stay in tune with how people respond. Pay attention to what your followers prefer and put into consideration their reviews of the products you advertise.
  8. Be Useful: If you’re going to promote a product on Twitter make sure it’s highly useful to your followers. 

Promote Your Own Products.

Another way you can earn money on Twitter is by selling your own products whether physical or not. You can do this by:

  1. You can tweet on how to use your product or upload a screenshot especially if you are promoting a digital product.
  2. Uploading a GIF instruction: A GIF is fun to share because they auto-play itself without being a disturbing experience.
  3. Uploading a Video: An instructional video expands your ability to explain your service in many more words than Twitter’s character limit would allow.
  4. Create a Twitter Moment: A Twitter moment lets you tell a story that goes beyond one tweet and highlights different perspectives. If you have been regularly tweeting about food and drinks, collecting them all under a single Twitter moment is a great way to get more attention to your product.
  5. Create a Visual Testimonial: This is achieved by giving away your product license to notable niche influencers and then following up with them in a few weeks to get their feedback which you then repackage in visual tweets and tag the influencers.

Generate Traffic from Your Website.

The amount and value of traffic you drive from social media back to your website depends greatly on the quality of your content. This can be achieved through:

  1. Getting visual: Visual content generates more engagement than text posts therefore, the more engaging a post is, the more likely a viewer will engage with your brand and the call-to-action.
  2. Creating contagious content: Once you understand what your followers want, you can create content that people want to share therefore increasing brand awareness to a wider audience.
  3. Paid campaigns: Paid social media ads allow you to create highly targeted and refined campaigns that deliver customized communications to your customer segments.

Build a Twitter List.

You can create a Twitter list that consists exclusively of your followers who are interested in a particular product so that you can tweet them via the list. For example, if some of your followers are interested in men’s shoes, instead of tweeting all your followers, you can reach the targeted audience via the list you have created. This saves you the trouble of having to use your email or your phone number.

Run a Giveaway.

All you have to do is tweet about your campaign and tell users how enter, either by following you, liking or retweeting your tweets. Some of the goals you can meet with a Twitter giveaway include:

  • Raising product or brand awareness.
  • Sending targeted traffic to your website.
  • Building your Twitter following.
  • Increasing your Twitter engagement.
  • Generating business leads.

Create Twitter Ads.

Twitter ads enable you to reach more users on Twitter other than your followers. Sites like and enable advertisers to monetize their tweets.

Monetize Your Twitter Presence.

Twitter Media Studio lets you place in-stream video ads and in-stream video sponsorships right into your brand-safe Twitter video content so that you can earn money directly from the platform.

In conclusion, one should take advantage of the millions of active users on Twitter to make money.