26 Parenting Blogs and Magazines That Pay Freelance Writers.


The internet is full of writing opportunities, especially within the ever-popular parenting niche. Yet it can be challenging to find parenting publications that pay. Some popular blogs are run by work-from-home moms who don’t have a budget for writers, and others simply don’t have to pay for submissions because so many contributors are willing to write about parenting for free. Let’s get started! 

Parents Magazine.

Parents Magazine is the leading national magazine for parents to navigate through every aspect of parenthood. Parents Magazine searches for print and online articles of interest to a wide variety of parents.

Pay: Unpublished, but reports enter between $0.23 and $1.87 per word.

Freelance Mom.

This is a blog by working mothers that help them focus on entrepreneurship and be able to work from home. It focuses on practical and actionable advice on topics ranging from making extra money to negotiating with new clients.

Pay: Freelance Mom pays between $75 and $100 via PayPal, with a bonus of $150 to the author with the top-shared post every month.

Today’s Parent.

Today’s Parent is Canada’s national parenting magazine. The articles cover a variety of topics that are highly relevant to parents with children, from new-borns to college students. In order to pitch your idea, send a brief description of what you would like to do at [email protected].

Pay: Unpublished, but one source was paid $1 per word in 2018.

Adoptive Families Magazine.

Adoptive Families Magazine aims at providing a rich toolbox for raising self-aware children who have access to all the information they need to fully consider their race, their roots, and their adoption story as they grow up and as they become adults.

Pay: Unpublished. Payment varies depending on the mission.

PTO Today.

Parent Teacher Organisation Today works closely with school administrations to encourage interaction between family and school, serve as a source of support, and work with the community at large to improve children’s educational experience.

Pay: The website says the scale ranges from $ 125 to $ 500, with an average assignment of 1,200 words.

Carolina Parent.

Known as the most trusted family resource in the Triangle, Carolina Parent provides timely, interesting and helpful information for all families through annual guides, special events and digital platforms.

Pay: Unspecified. An entry on Who pays writers note 15 cents per word.

Focus on the Family Magazine.

Focus on the Family Magazine is a global Christian magazine that help build marriages that go the distance, equip parents to raise great kids and encourage families to put Jesus Christ at the centre of their homes.

Pay: $50 for an article of 300 to 500 words.

Chicago Parents Magazine.

It is a parenting magazine that publishes editorials with a local twist.

Pay: For shorter articles (around 300-400 words), Chicago Parent pays $25- $50; for longer articles (800 to 1,500 words), the salary starts at $ 100.

Metro Parent Magazine.

Metro Parent Magazine is a parenting website that offers expert advice and insight on parenting with special sections.

Pay: Pay ranges from $25 for 50-word blurbs to $200 plus for features, depending on the piece.

Simply Family.

This is a non-profit magazine that is dedicated to forging a society where good parenting is protected in its diverse genesis and form, addressing a variety of parenting topics.

Pay: $20 to $25.

On Parenting.

On Parenting is a blog in the Washington Post that includes thoughtful essays by parents and parenting experts, advice, interviews and much more. It covers families with diverse origins and experiences.

Pay: Unpublished. The Washington Post pays an average of $0.30 a word.

MOPS Blog.

MOPS Blog is a social media platform that entails a movement of women as they raise the world together, celebrate their uniqueness and strive to be the best moms possible.

Pay: Not published.

Cricket Media.

Cricket Media is a global educational program known for producing high-quality fiction, non-fiction and multi- media products for children aged 9 to 14. It caters to a variety of different age groups and includes works by writers and illustrators.

Pay: Not published. Payment depends on the assignment.

Indy’s Child Magazine.

Indy’s Child Magazine is a local and nationally award- winning parenting magazine which is a local resource for all things family. Focuses on parents living in Indiana.

Pay: Unpublished. It pays based on word count.


This magazine is a lifestyle brand that redefines motherhood by providing inspiration, empowering articles and expert tips to rock your best mom life.

Pay: Not published.

The Green Parent.

The Green Parent is a United Kingdom publication whose main objective is to provide information that empowers readers and supports them in being their own expert by only publishing articles that have a strong point of view and are written from the heart.

Pay: £ 75 for 1000 words. Writers also receive a free number of The green parent.

Western New York Family Magazine.

This is a parenting magazine that serves growing young families of the Buffalo/Niagara Region and enrich family life with fun activities to do, places to go with kids and provide parents with a resource for local goods and services to make their lives easier.

Pay: $ 40 to $ 150, depending on the length and depth of the item.

Pop Sugar.

Pop Sugar features the biggest moments, hottest trends, best tips in entertainment, fashion, beauty, fitness and food. It also has lifestyle content targeted towards women aged 18–34 on parenting.

Pay: Unpublished, but the most recent report by Who pays writers quote $ 0.08 per word.

Christian Science Monitor: The Host Forum.

It is a religious forum that focuses on family, parenting and life in general.

Pay: According to Who Pays Writers reports, The Forum pays an average of 25 to 36 cents per word for reported stories but essays may receive a different rate.

Raising Arizona Kids.

Raising Arizona Kids is a magazine meant to connect Valley families to local resources and share real-life stories about the joys and challenges of raising children in the Southwest. It only accepts articles from Arizona families.

Pay: $ 50 to $ 200 and more, depending on the item.

Just the Family.

This magazine guides families and helps them find information and contacts for local services.

Pay: $ 20 to $ 25.

Her View from Home.

Her View from Home is a lifestyle magazine that provides women with inspiration and heartfelt support in parenting, marriage, relationships, grief, and faith.

Pay: Pays per page view, up to $100 for 4,000-plus views. It also offers $50 for previously published work if it reaches 10,000 views.

Yummy Mummy Club.

Yummy Mummy Club helps busy Canadian women survive motherhood by helping them interact with other mothers through inclusive, intelligent and unfiltered stories and opinions.

Pay: Not published.

National Research Centre for Parents with Disabilities.

This is a resource and advocacy project that aims at helping parents with disabilities.

Pay: $100

ADDitude Magazine.

It is a consumer publication and resource that offers strategies and support for families living with ADHD.

Pay: Not published, but Who pays writers earns up to $ 0.22 per word.

She Knows.

She Knows is a magazine aimed at empowering women through articles and discussions related to parenting, women’s health and  relationship advice. Interested writers should email [email protected] .

Pay: Not published, but Who pays writers reports that the average wage is 11 cents per word.

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