10 Invoicing Software Tools for Freelancer, Including Free Options.


By so doing it acknowledges the clients of the various payment methods as we as if the payment is due. Your invoice should include; the date of issuing the invoice and the payment date, the date of service, the total amount owed and finally where to pay whereby; the client can be given different payment methods to choose from and which is more convenient.   

You can use an invoice generator that is automatic or if you don’t know, you can start by learning to use Microsoft Word.

How can one know the right type of Invoicing Apps?

These apps offer a wide range of services. Others can track time others can create invoices automatically, it is up to you to know which one suits you.

When choosing the type of invoice software, you’d be using there are some factors you should put into consideration.

  1. Will I need a time tracker software for my business?
  2. The number of clients because in some software apps, you’ll be required to pay that is purchase a plan
  3. The most convenient for your customers
  4. How many people in my business will access the app?

The following are some of the easiest invoicing software tools a freelancer can use;


Zoho pays through different methods such as; PayPal and google checkout. If you'd wish to have more clients, you can purchase a plan that go for as low as $7 per month and this gets you around 50 users. If you’d wish to use the free plan, then that will allow you to have 5 users.

The best thing about Zoho is that you can use on your mobile phone while travelling thus making it easier to be used by small business


The advantage of using this invoicing software is that you can store your data on the cloud and updates you on some major topics. It is one of the best since it can; -manage your invoices and also create them, use your calendar for managing projects and tasks while as checking travelling dates and expenses created during travelling.                                               


Freshbooks has got incredible features such as customizing messages according to your style, automize when there is late fee payment and also accept payment even if the work is not yet done.

but this comes at a cost whereby after a free trial you will be required to pay $17 so as to get five clients per month or you can choose to pay $25 to get fifty clients per month, this of course depending on your budget.


This type of invoice is mostly designed to use by mobile devices. If you’re going for the free plan, you can get 15 invoices per month and also save data on the cloud while as payments can be made online via credit card.

Since it is specifically designed for mobile devices, the features are awesome which include; creating and sending your invoices via SMS you can add your account on two mobile devices while using your device it can sync phonebook contacts to the current billing system


This is an invoice tool that is common in the small business. It connects the small business to its potential capability. Odoo offers a free trial of 15days only


Square app is of the best invoicing software one can use; just like PayPal it very simple and convenient to use for small businesses

Square offer services such as

  • Sending unlimited customer invoices
  • Creating customized invoices automatically from the unlimited customer’s stored data
  • Tracking and managing invoices for you
  • Sending automatic payment reminders.

PayPal Invoicing

Most of us are already getting paid through PayPal, the good news is that there’s also PayPal Invoicing for business which is absolutely free. What you’ll need to do is you’ll create a business PayPal account and access the service offered. Keep in mind that PayPal charges a small fee per transaction 2.9% +$0.30. Once an invoice is created and email is received by the clients, the get multiple methods of payment they can choose from either credit card, debit card or even PayPal itself.

PayPal Invoicing account can;

  • One can see the transaction history
  • Accept a small amount of payment
  • Send reminders automatically
  • Create new invoices and overdue ones


This type of invoice software tools is unique in a way that you charge customers by the hour. This lets you know how much time you’ve been spending on a particular project and lets you know your budget.

Clients can pay through PayPal and know that there will be a small transaction fee of 2.9%+$0.30

Invoice Ninja

This software tool offers a free plan that allows you to create unlimited invoices, has over 40 payment methods to choose from as well as time tracking making it available to many freelancers.


This is one of the best since it offers

  • Time tracking
  • Expense tracking
  • Mileage tracking
  • Time reminders

But this comes at a cost though. It doesn’t offer any free plan thus you’re required to purchase a starter plan that goes for$15 per month. Hiveage service are top-notch but all you’re required to do is purchase a plan and you’ll enjoy its incredible features.

Wrap Up

This comes with a free plan, making it accessible by many small businesses. If you just need an app just to create and manage invoices at a free cost, then this is the right app for you. I mean, free invoicing and accounting.


This is a free plan app that business owners can use to create unlimited invoices, reminders that are automated, and set up recurring invoices. But with this, you’ll have to upgrade to its premium account if you’d wish to receive online payments or maybe credit card. Those are just but a few mentioned. It’s up to you to choose which one suits you and your business.

Which one are you using now? Share with us in the comment section.