How To Start Building an Email List- For Beginners.


What is an email list? It is a list of people's addresses who are interested in one’s services or products who’d like to be addressed via email when you are given permission.

Why and how email lists are important.

  • Personal way of communicating.

It’s easier for communication both the client and the entrepreneur. You just send an email direct into the client’s inbox just like an SMS, both are personal ways of communication.

These are some steps you need to follow when building one; 

  • Choose well the email market provider you want to use

You can’t use your personal Gmail account to your clients that’s breaking the rules, and also people can’t sign up for it thus making it hard for you to grow your list.

There are many options you can choose from like Convertkit and MailChimp just but to name a few.

Convertkit is very easy to use and economical since it offers 14 free trial days while after these, you’ll purchase their plan for $24 per month.

Convertkit is very useful since;

  • You can tag your audience while as post discount for your upcoming blog or service which of course you can exclude the already signed up clients since it’s last minute.
  • It’s very easy to use
  • In case of any queries, you can talk to their service team

Set up your marketing email account

After you’ve signed up with you preferred email market provider, set up the account. If you’ve chosen Convertkit, they have a tutorial on how to do so. There’s no need for you to worry about that.

Create an opt in form.

In this form on your website, you’ll have to describe what you’re going to post so that it’s easier for people to know what to expect.

Writing Your First Newsletter.

You shouldn’t start promoting your services, you should know what they want, what they’ll like and what will make them subscribe.

This is important since one should first trust you enough before they give out their email address.

Here are some things that one should put into consideration before starting a newsletter

  1. What you’d like to showcase
  2. Showcase what you’re really are sure people won’t see as a bother.
  3. People should know what to expect from you.
  4. Quality is more important than quantity thus if you really have nothing this time sit back and go back to your drawing book. Once per week seems perfect since you’ll have gone through your work and perfected it

Creating a welcome message.

This is and will be what subscribers will receive upon signing up to your list and their subscription has been confirmed. As we all well know, first impressions matter and therefore you should work well on you welcoming message.

Here, you should be grateful that they’ve found time to subscribe. Inform them on what they are going to expect, deals, discounts, on your next workshop.

Tell your newly subscribers when you give out updates maybe once a week, what deals you have them any fun stuff they should expect as well as upcoming workshops. To show your subscribers can trust you on a personal level, you can include your photo.

Building with your blog

After you’re done creating an email list, you can post a link on you blog to direct potential clients to you. This also form up a personal relationship with your clients.

When one needs to comment on your blog, they’ll be required to provide their email addresses that means you can include them in your email list; great right?

Social media platforms

 When using social media, you have a great opportunity of getting new clients day in day out. If you’ve got. A great topic that you’d like to get more attention, use social media.

By so doing, you can therefore encourage people to visit your blog while as subscribing to your email list.

Creating business cards.

You’ll definitely get more subscribers by doing so. Give out your business cards when you’re at an even, socialize with people ask them for theirs while as you give out yours.

On the back of your card, you can add offers may be a free service or product.

This will definitely make them want to subscribe to your email thus building up your list.

Hosting an event

You can host a book club event or even a lunch meeting. After informing people about your upcoming event, you can then tell them to make their reservation via email addresses.

Engage through blogs by being active

When your active on some forums and blogs you get more clients by simply commenting something inspiring then later on add your link to you opt it form and subscribe

Offer deals to customers

You can offer daily deals on your website for some time then ask them for their email addresses when they are grabbing one.

Involve your employees

After an employee has collected and added valid email addresses to your listing, you can reward them. This motivates them even further and they’ll want to be rewarded more thus goes out at an extra mile for valid subscribers.

Giving out gifts.

Who wouldn’t want a gift? If you’d like to bond well with clients is by giving out gifts. You can decide to give them as a way of gratitude for signing up in your email. They’ll get so inspired and feel welcomed.

You can decide to gift with something they really require like;

  1. A pdf
  2. Video tutorial
  3. A discount coupon

This will show them that you’re really connecting with them. These are some of the ways you can build up your list. You just have to do it right, at the right time and place and know who you’re targeting.

Which one are you using now? Tell us more in the comment section.