Creating Landing Pages for Free on WordPress.


Online marketers create landing pages for the sole purpose of enticing visitors to go to your store to make a purchase. There is a form called a CTA that is used to collect potential client's emails. If you’re running on a low budget or don’t have some cash, you can create landing pages for free. Word press plugins has got you covered. You can create beautiful and attracting landing pages on a plugin known as Elementor.

When creating landing pages there are some key points one should note in order to be successful.

These are some of the major key things to be considered:

Be specific- when creating a landing page, you should be clear and specific on what you are offering. The clients should know what it is that they are going to expect and how they are going to benefit.

Urgency- the visitors should be eager on visiting your page so as yourself what’s going to make them want to take up the offer now.

The benefits-you should be clear on what the visitors are going to benefit by visiting your page and taking up the offer.

Getting the offer- now that the visitors have already been convinced that you’ve got great offers for them, show them how they are going to get the offer right away and with no delays.

The web design should be smooth for browsing and very simple to use.

There is only one goal when Creating landing pages; to get visitors to be directed to your online store.

Headline should out stand. Use a catchy and colorful heading

Where relevant you can add customers testimonials so that other visitors can get to know that you’ve really done a great job.

When To Use a Landing Page?

You should use a landing page when you are advertising the business, you're operating anything it is that you are selling you will get more visitors by doing so. it is just simply advertising your online store while at home.

And let’s get to the point now;

How To Create Landing Pages with WordPress

WordPress has got plenty of ways on building creative and enticing landing pages.

Creating Landing Pages with WordPress Theme

There are endless themes you can use in WordPress for creating Landing pages. It’s up to you to be creative to capture your visitor’s eye.

Some of the themes include;

  1. Zerif Wordpress Theme-here you Concrete a very professional website with sections of drug and rip page and his customer customizable color sliders
  2. Total WordPress theme -this feature offers more than 500 alive themes it has grid fonts color page and with you can you can customize your header and footer
  3. Freelancer- A single paged theme especially for photographers this is very special previous work done and contact information,etc.
  4. Simple shift- this WordPress theme had got plenty of features that showcases the major points like testimonials.

Creating Landing Pages with Plugins

This is one of the easiest ways of creating landing pages plugins are very many and the common two are free and premium variety. You just have to install and activate then you can you can start customizing using the plugin in settings page.

Building landing pages with plugins

Lexi deleone you’ll have to install and activate a plugin to make work easier we should choose a theme that has been already tested induced for a while.

Using relevant contents

After creating dreams, you should exclude irrelevant posts and pages just go to the “My sides” site pages then you should click the three dots.

Creating landing pages with WordPress page templates

Using templates this is used especially if you are a developer where you can edit your WordPress theme to add custom page templates for your landing page you can create your templates from a blank page you just have to be very creative and design it well so as to attract many visitors including your page and subscribe to your mail

Examples are:

  • Mail chimp forms.
  • Get response forms.
  • Email auto response -create a good HTML email that sends your visitors to your landing page and make them want to subscribe.
  • Coming soon pages- this helps your visitors to know what’s next and your schedule for publishing.
  • Sales pages.

Customizing your homepage

Just click on the three dots and then. Click edit here you'll be able to add some things like images text contacts among others.

Insert your content on the landing page

New Negative edited their page template be from a blank page it is time for you to add their content. Your contact should be short and direct to the point you don’t want to be clumsy the visitors should be able to understand your message that you're conveying to them as easy as possible.

What are some of the benefits of landing pages;

  1. more qualified leads are received
  2. more landing pages increases the chance that your website will be frequently visited.

Now that you've created your landing page what you can do now is to go online and market your landing page. Know what content is and we will creative in designing you are landing pages to ask attract many visitors. Designer pages web have a good and catchy theme go exactly to the point so as to avoid losing visitors with long not meaningful words. Be Creative, be brief and you’ll move to great heights.