10 Best Sites that have Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities.


Did you know that you can get sponsored blog post opportunities in several companies? If you are interested in blogging or a determined blogger read on to find the best sites with sponsored blog post opportunities and I know you will find one that suits you. When you are an experienced blogger, and a lot of people stop by or visit your blog to get some advice or information that means you have built a strong trust and you have influence to them. Some companies always lookout for these kinds of people to talk about their experience with the product and pay them for their good work.

Below is a list of 10 best sites you should know that have sponsored blog post opportunities:


Izea is one of the best networking for bloggers in the world. Besides providing opportunities for Instagramers and Youtubers it also caters for the talented content creators like graphic designers and videographers. It is an influencer marketing site in short is called an opportunity to all because it friendly to many people.

It is a competitive intelligence to shape your strategy and makes it unique and original. Izea also manages influencer marketing campaigns by analyzing and amplifying your content and makes it look good since it is trusted by the biggest brands.


If you want your blog to reach a lot of audiences, Linqia is a site for you, and it will work best for you as a blogger who wants a productive life. It gives you some guidelines to make your work productive by heavy lifting some of your work and saving your valuable time.

The site analyzes your content across many influencers so as they can find you the right influencers for your content. They have also developed a high success rate that attracts bigger brands this means that it provides a program that delivers.

Real Clever.

Real clever provides good opportunities that are easy and quick to go through without any difficulty. They tell the best brand stories and gives you an overview of what some influencers need, by doing this real clever emergence as the best and friendly site ever.

It deals with a variety of topics such as technology, food, drinks, and pests. Currently, it seems that it does not have a lot of followers or overcrowded people this gives a chance to new bloggers to apply and make their life productive.


AspireIQ is among the leading platform in influencer marketing that gives opportunity to brands to like on the profile of the influencer they would like to do business with. This is made easier since it provides a dashboard that helps one to have an overview of many opportunities that are available now and this makes it the best over other platforms.

AspireIQ creates awareness and allows you to invite anyone to join your program and it also allows you to share your experience on the marketplace, this makes you receive proposals with a short time.


The Acorn team is a unique one and it is also advanced in away that if you want to join the team and work with the, you have to introduce yourself by filling out your profile since they will reach you out by looking at your profile to see what you can do best. If the Acorn team realizes that you are a hardworking blogger, focused and that person who produces a high-quality content then you have a chance to work for bigger brands that will earn you a lot of money since they send campaign offers to you.

Blog Meets Brand.

Blog Meets Brand has an algorithm that makes it function appropriately. It works based on the number of followers one has, the audience and also one’s location, if you have all those qualifications then Blog Meets Brand can work best for you. It helps in campaigning your blog to the right brands since it has a strong networking technique that leads your blog to the right audience. Blog Meets Brand has worked with big names and this makes it unique since it exposes you to a variety of clients that provides you good offers to your blog work.

 Active by Impact.

Active by Impact is one of the most known platforms and most used by bloggers. It provides an opportunity that you just work the way want and do things your way without involving anyone. The bloggers can post their work and negotiate for the prices, this gives you a chance to fight for want you can produce and know your worth in everything you do. Active by Impact helps you to know how to manage yourself by analyzing and amplifying your work to big brands, it makes you to be on your toes since you want to show a good picture and market yourself to the bigger brands to enable them to come looking for you.

Social Fabric.

Social Fabric is common to creators since they make genuine content across various blogs. They create original content that is fresh the audience. One you join the team you will be educated and have the insight of a lot of things which are important, it also provides you with an opportunity to get to interact with the audience and find yourself great brands in the industry.

Through social Fabric you get to work with brands you love, you get to let them know your real and original story about the experience you have in blogging. This will make you connect with many bigger brands and the most interesting fact is that you will love your work since you partner with the people and brands you love and enjoy.


Tap influence is the leading influencer marketing that works on reality. If you get to write content a good content that is inspiring it will grab attention of many brands. They will get attracted to your work since it is admirable and eye-catching, many brands like good work and if your work attracts them, then they will see that you are the person they are looking for. Tap influence will campaign for you, it will analyze and amplify your content to get the attention of many bigger brands.

Social spark.

Social Spark is the influencer marketplace where you join by sign up, creating a profile by writing your experience and some of your details that you want clients or brands to see. The signing up is free once you join Social Spark puts your profile in front of the world’s top brands and many clients. The Brands will look at your profile and if you are good in want, they want you to write on by doing this Social Spark exposes you to many opportunities in the world since it is worldwide.

Those are some excellent platforms that you should know that have sponsored blog post opportunity. If you have read though all of them and the information has been helpful, just choose your best and go for it to better your life and make it productive. Do not forget about this; a good content and the inspiring one grabs bigger brands. Go for what suits you best.

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