How To Live a Healthier Lifestyle.


Leaving a healthy lifestyle means that one takes care of his body and having a healthier mind. It does not mean just exercising regularly or eating healthy foods; it means that you have a strong mental health.

Let us take a look on some of the ways we can have as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle;

Drinking Water

Drinking water is very important because our bodies need water to function properly, removing excess waste, transporting nutrients and oxygen to every part of our body.

Excess water on our bodies is removed by urinating, sweating breathing as well as perspiration. This amount excess waste should replenish by drinking water on a daily intake of three litres.

A good and common sign of some who is not replenishing their body through drinking water is by the color of their urine which at should be pale yellow to colorless

Getting Enough Sleep

When one lacks enough sleep, they tend to eat more especially junk food. One should at least be sleeping for 7 hours.


This helps in removing toxic calories from our bodies. One should move at least take 30 minutes’ walk daily which will actually help in:

  • lowering one’s risk of getting diseases.
  • Boosts one’s self esteem
  • In elderly people, memory is improved
  • One is able to stay flexible

Eating a Healthy Snack

Having a healthy snack instead of eating some junk like cakes and crisps is very important if you would like to live a healthy lifestyle.

Having small amounts of food helps in improving one’s metabolism. If you want to have a snack during the day, go for some fresh fruits or fruits juice you will feel energized throughout the day. 

Quit smoking

Just stop smoking. Smoking does not help you in any way. Smoking tobacco causes lung diseases, as well as heart disease and stroke. Not only does it affect smokers but also passive smokers, think about the children inhaling that smoke you are emitting, thinking it is all cool and that.

If you are currently smoking, please stop. It is not too late to quit, once you quit, you will be living and leading to a healthy lifestyle.

Pack You Own Lunch

By doing so, you will know how many calories you are getting into your body and regulates your intake. By skip that takeout at lunch from your nearest fast-food join will not only save you money but cut back on unnecessary calories.

Eating Fruits

Everyone knows that fruits are essential to our bodies because they provide the vitamins and nutrients, we need to keep healthy. One should get vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables rather that from pills.

Start At Your Own Pace

You can not transit from your bad eating habits one week. You will eventually cave in and go for what you are craving for making you make zero progress. Change slowly and gradually. Start with quitting smoke then go to exercises from there you can ease on your food intake.

When you start exercising or walking, do not exercise for 2hrs a day no. Start with a 30 minutes exercise, if it is walking do not target kilometers rather focus on a few meters around your estate block or your walk to and from work.

Exercising Different Parts of Your Body

One should have exercise for the full body not just cardio. Do not just be skipping rope or walking, try something out like hiking, swimming, riding bicycle just simply find work outs that requires energy from most parts if your body.

If you are lifting weights, do not just be working on your chest only or legs. Try having a schedule of what your workout throughout the week.

Eating What Your Stomach Can Hold.

If you are already full and you have not cleared what is on your plate, save some for later. Do not check whether your friend or family has finished their food, no way. This is very irrelevant. If you are already full, whether you have just eaten a half of what’s on your plate, do not fill up your stomach. You will feel uneasy and your stomach will bloat.

Avoiding Deep Fried Food

Deep fried are potentially cause cancer because it contains acrylamide. Instead, go for food that have been prepared using healthier methods such as streamed food, boiled food, grilled, or even some raw foods. One should cut off deep fried food such as fries and chicken. Buy that chicken raw go boil it or grill it, trust me you, this is healthier.

Be Around People with Positive Energy

This is vital if one needs to be of sound mind, body and soul. Be with people who give you positive remarks no matter what the circumstances are. This will definitely help you feel motivated and positive towards life and the progresses that you are making.

Be with friends who help you looks at positive side of every situation, not with those who laugh at you if you tell them, you are not drinking alcohol anymore, not smoking with them, not eating junk food and many more.

 Those are the types of friends that you should avoid if you are aiming for that healthy lifestyle that you want. They always lower your self-esteem and this might lead you to going back to bad healthy habits.

Keep on massaging your body

Massaging helps in improving the blood circulation on your hands and feet. By doing so, you stimulate your nerves and wherever there is pain it is relived

Alternatively, you can go out to be massaged at a spa. Get that full body massage and it will work miracles for your body.

Avoid Unnecessary Pressure.

By having prolonged pressure, you create some new nerve pains. Just avoid crossing you knee or leaning forward on your elbows for too long.

Talk It Out.

What it us that you are going through, talking out to a friend, family or even a therapist helps out. If you are experiencing depression or have insomnia or maybe you just found out that you are impotent, it is very helpful and you will feel much better after talking it out. We are all humans and humans go through a lot. Everyone had got a problem not just you.

As you are talking to your friend, you might also find out that they too have much more complicated problems than you and you might end up helping that person. This will of course make you feel great by helping some out and you are boosting your morale without even knowing it.

You have to live a healthy lifestyle. This not only helps you but your family from spending a huge sum of money on your medical expenses. What if you can not afford that, what if your family members do not have that kind of money? They will start borrowing everywhere and from everyone leaving them with debts over the years, while as that cash could have opened up a business. It is up to you to decide what you want your lifestyle future to be. Stop procrastinating and start now! Your future lies in your hands.