How To Ease into A Healthy Diet.


Eating a healthy meal regularly help one to lose some weight and have more energy. It also improves one’s mood and reduces one’s risk of having bad chronic diseases. One is supposed to be eating a balanced diet every day. A balanced diet is needed since one’s body requires nutritional needs to stay healthy. A balanced diet provides all the nutrients a person’s body requires with avoiding junk foods with no nutritional value.

Losing weight is a long process since it can never happen overnight or a week. If you are not losing weight is that maybe you are not consistent with your dieting.

Even if you are working out on a regular basis but you are just eating unhealthy foods, none of those long hours you spend exercising will not bear fruits, or if you have a medical condition too, it can interfere with your loosing weight journey.

Below are some of the reasons as to why not you are not losing weight or seeing any progress;

If you are always stressed.

Weight gain and being stressed go hand in hand. If you are always stressed, it can lead to some health problems. You keep on experiencing cravings. When one is stressed or just unhappy, one goes ahead and eat food so as to be comforted. These types of foods contain high amount of fat and sugar.

No one can work out while feeling stressed, down or fatigue. You’ll be skipping each and every work

Lack of enough sleep

Surprisingly, if you don’t get enough sleep, you are actually going to gain weight! You can tell that to your boss if your working hours are prolonged! Just kidding around.

Actually, a study was conducted on 2019 for women revealed that women who sleep for five hours actually gained weight compared to women who slept for eight hours.

It was concluded that; by lack of enough sleep, you just feel hungry even if you have just eaten a couple of hours ago

Loosing sleep affect the production of cortisol which is one of the hormones that regulates your appetite. And finally, if one does not get enough sleep, you actually become tired and this causes one not to move around more and skipping exercises thus burn few to none calories.

Having little exercise.

Exercising is of course a major factor to consider when losing weight. Before you start to exercise, you should know and plan your program on what exercises you need. Either for burning overall calories or your belly fat.

Relaxing on weekends.

You might have checked on your diet during the week and have minimized your calories intake, but once the weekend reaches, here you are taking weekends off, going to the fast-food joints or to the mall and eats junk food. This is not going to go well on your dieting and weight loss journey.

Treating yourself with something nice is not bad, but not every weekend. Choose your meal well if you want to archive that body you are craving for.

Eat regular meals

This actually helps if one is losing weight. By doing so, the temptation of eating a snack that has high sugar and unhealthy fat here and there is minimized.

Avoid buying junk food

This will actually help in your weight loss journey since you will not be tempted to have a bite or two.

If you want to have a snack just buy unsalted rice cake, popcorns or some fruit juice. Do not store chocolate, crisps, biscuits or some sugary juice drink.

Always plan your meals

Make sure you have planned your weekly breakfast, lunch and dinner and actually stick to it. Do so as you are having your shopping list which will help you stick to your low-calorie intake.

Eating refined carbs

These types of foods cause overweight and obesity. Such foods include, white bread.

Cooking food with vegetable oil

This does not sound right, right? But yes, vegetable oils are very unhealthy even though most of use believe that they are healthy. They just mess up with one’s omega 6-3 balance.

Alternatively cooking with butter is very healthy. Butter comes from animal fats and there are no additives or preservatives used.

Eating too much

When one is losing weight, the major factor one should consider is how many calories one is burning.

The point here is how many calories are getting in your body verses how many calories are actually getting out. One should be keen on what one is eating especially when you are having a meal with friends or food that is not home cooked.

Eat eggs for breakfast.

Eggs are rich in very high-quality protein. When one eats eggs in the morning, it increases one’s feeling of fullness. This actually helps since some have had fewer calories in the next 36 hours when eggs are eaten for breakfast.

Eating eggs in the morning makes someone to feel full, have less hunger during the day and a very low desire to eat compared to eating cereals for breakfast. This concludes that eating eggs in the morning plays a vital role in loosing weight and overall body health. Now that we have looked at how one can ease into a healthy diet, let us see some of the benefits;

  • Weight loss-this is the main reason as to why one needs to eat as well as to maintain a healthy diet. For strong both teeth and bones- this helps one not to lose teeth at a younger age and have strong bones as one ages gracefully and will not have complicated issues during the old age.
  • Matters to the heart- practicing eating habits and healthy diet eating improves one’s heart condition and prevents heart related diseases. Maintains a healthy brain an improves memory- eating healthy regulates and maintains one’s blood flow, which of course our brain needs to function and avoids some cognitive dissonance.
  • One’s energy levels and mood are improved by avoiding diets with high amount of sugar, you will not be getting sugar rush. This makes your body to function properly because if it is time to sleep you will sleep without any hesitations. This means that when morning comes, you will have had enough sleep and you will have a very great mood throughout the day.
  • One’s social habits improves.
  • When one eats well and practices healthy eating habits, one feels great both physically and emotionally. One tends to go out and socialize with others because a person feels very confident about his\her weight or body shape.
  • If one is very anxious, caffeine should be minimized, one should just drink water, some herbal tea or a low-fat milk.

On matters to one’s healthy diet, I think it is generally better to stick to your diet and do no be tempted to going back to your old habits. Cravings will always be there no matter what you do, as such make sure you limit the intake of calories. Just take a bite of that chocolate and relax for a while. Keep on practicing on eating healthy and you will be amazed on how your skin will be clear, still have your teeth at even 80.