How To Get Freelance Work with No Experience (In 6 Steps).


Do you want to start your freelancing career with no experience? As impossible as that sounds it is very do-able, and that too without any prior experience. However, one needs to be very keen with the approach they take as you cannot just ask someone to hire you and they do, you thus need a strategy as word alone is not convincing enough. We will be discussing the right way that one can go about getting freelance jobs with no experience.

As we begin a quick warning has to be issued that lack of individual experience is a big disadvantage as most jobs are handed over based on previous wins, a portfolio will help with that. Having discussed that, we need to discuss the freelancing hacks;

Seek projects from different sources

We live in a modernized world, with different opportunities at the palm of your hand. The internet offers different freelancing websites where you can open an account and use that platform to acquire projects. To make it even better is that these accounts are open to both employers and freelancers. It enables an employer to choose a freelancer of their specification and some prefer those with no experience. In freelancing, the more you open your ways, the more chances you put yourself up for.

Pick a client you can help

Finding the right client is the first and most important of all. Make a list of your interests, what are you passionate about? The things you do and use daily and with this one can select a business is well suited to them. This business should also include the workers and support staff if need be. Some clients need tailored desires which if you cannot offer it is better not to take up the job.

Do background research

Once you have selected the client or business, you are helping it is necessary to know how to help them. What is important is to learn everything there is to about your client. Visit their website, shops, product pages, social media and even their local shops.

E.g. While researching on consumer reception of the product, you may find out that consumers have a problem with the packaging, thus solving two or more problem with one swoop. This can also help identify the market gaps and develop the kill set of that market.

Certify yourself

Many people are looking for skilled rather than experienced freelancers, it is better to market your skill and ability set rather than experience as skill gets the job done. As mentioned earlier, we live in a modern world hence, there are websites that offer online tests. You can place the results of such tests in your portfolio so as to enable clients to know more about your skills.

Write and send your proposal

After viewing a client's website, it is advisable to look for the person in charge and applying rather than applying through the contact on the website. After finding the person in charge you can send an introductory email, it should be casual and friendly. Their response is helpful in guiding you, if they are interested you can offer a trial period of service. The trial period is only applicable where there is risk involved for the client.

Delivery and feedback

The last step is giving your best to your client by delivering beyond their expectations using your skill set. When this is done you can ask your clients to leave a comment about their experience. This helps understand their satisfaction level, positive feedback helps strengthen your profile. Good feedback makes it possible to retain and attract new clients.

In the event you did not get a good response from a potential client you should not pull the plug as with freelancing these things happen hence you shouldn’t be discouraged. Failure is part of the process hence one should turn it into a strength and try again and again.