Corona Virus Lockdown: What to Do to Overcome Boredom At Home.

Entertainment is the only way out of boredom. With the current situation, everyone is at home trying to figure out something to do to pass the time and avert the scare of the reality at hand. At this moment an hour seems like a day, the house is also becoming smaller and smaller, you’ve lain in bed and do not wish to go back to it. With the family, you have retold all the memories and exhausted, everywhere everyone is expressing fear and concern. Here is something to help you rekindle your mood and get you a little bit distracted and that is entertainment. But wait, the problem comes when you don’t have any idea of what form of entertainment works best for you. You have all the access, the internet, the power, and the time of course. Take a second and lets reason together here, I got you the best entertainment picks to overcome boredom.


Movies are arguably the best forms of entertainment and when it comes to choosing the right movie to watch either alone or with the family, finding a niche is very important as considering the audience. For the family, pick something interesting or comedy without stronger sexual aggression of violence or rash languages but engaging; you’ll love to see even your parents laughing and the young one taking part also. When alone, the case is different, choosing the movie is going to be dependent on your mood and maybe the niche that you love the most; a thriller, mind-games, fun, or horror, you decide. Only ensure to select according to the theme, genre, and per your favorite characters.

TV Shows

Television is always available, shows are forever being uploaded with fresh content every day. You can never lack what to watch from the array of programs such as comedy, drama,  mystery, politics, and many more. Find yourself an interesting program by going through the channels and looking up the information to get a peek of the program, this will also help you feel more relaxed and avoiding boredom.


For some, watching may not just be enough, what is written in books is what moves them. You just have to attach a deep interest in the book to identify yourself with it.

Assorted-title Book Lot

A collection of magazines and journals.

The books are always more engaging as it requires the brain to create a picture of the events described, you’ll enjoy the fantasy and being taken to a different kind of world through your imagination, and by just that, you will be avoiding the boredom attributed to staying indoors.

Video Games

Video games are not only meant for kids, notably, in the year 2018, video games were the most popular forms of online entertainment. There are a variety of video games in such as virtual car racing games such as Need for Speed and Red Dead Redemption and many more which are essential in energizing your brain. If you are really into avoiding boredom, its time to get online or getting another partner from the family to help you enjoy the video game since playing a friendly round of video games is a true definition of excitement.

Mobile Games

Mobile phones are increasingly making life more efficient and easier; easy to customize, portable, and also entertaining. The iPhone, in particular, has changed the way we play on the go, there are also many games that entertain such as Candy Crush and Word Puzzles among more. Go ahead and downloaded one of the games through Apple or Play store into your phone to help you get over the boredom.

Music Video Streaming

Currently the most popular music video streaming sites are YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. If you have internet access, you can easily stream music videos since it makes you feel more excited and help you avoid boredom. Check out the songs you heard ages back through the radio or in a restaurant as you will find it much easier to associate the videos with the audio hence boost your mood.

Social Networks

At the moment, everyone is looking up for something interesting to talk about in social media; a photo to like, a video to watch, an article to comment about and they are being uploaded every second.

Close-up Photography of Smartphone Icons

File photo of social media platforms.

In order to avoid boredom, be sure to find yourself among the 20% of people who spend their online time to update and follow social streams worldwide.

Online Karaoke

Missing your friends? Go ahead and hit them up, organize a karaoke, record songs, sing along and feel their presence even if they are distance apart. You only need to learn to recognize karaoke traps, ensure you guys sound the best you can, stray from the obvious without getting weird, and feel the love.

Online Casinos

The online casino industry provides you with games that can run on smartphones, desktop computers, and any other connected devices. They are among the best online entertainment platforms as they give you more pleasure and just with a few tips and tricks such as no initial deposit, playing with a clear head, and using bonuses and promotions, you will find it more exciting.

Online Travel and Picnic.

Staying at home should not mean you cannot explore different worlds. Avoid boredom by taking online travels to sceneries such as museums, deep seas, the high mountains, and even through virtual reality to space, time travel, and ancient cultures.

Man Wearing White Virtual Reality Goggles

A woman wearing white virtual reality googles

In conclusion, do not let yourself be a slave to boredom which limits your life. Try out entertainment, either offline or online to help you boost up your life and mentally deal with the current scare.