10 Best Lunch Spots In Nairobi


Is it the fiery blazing tropical sun overwhelming you, and you need a cool place to relax, or maybe take a siesta? Are you just getting off work and need a quick fix? Has your journey been too tiring, and you need to get off the car for a drink, stretch your legs and then proceed? Have you just landed in town, and clearly, your flight maybe, only served Weetabix and milkshakes? Or maybe, it’s that Sunday, and preparing lunch is quite tiresome, your better half admits?

Some would say it’s a weekend, family lunch out, but here you are? Right in the middle of the city,  you clearly have no idea where to get a dine, get a wine, booze the afternoon, share a moment with her, or you only have an hour lunch break, but you want to make it count. Frankly, it is always terrible when you have a lot of choices yet full of uncertainties, but then it is worse when you have a single option, but the traffic won't allow, let alone your rumbling stomach.

Discover The Best of Nairobi’s Lunch Delicacies

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     Before the Askaris come for you, jaywalking or for wrong parking, here is a list of the 10 best lunch spots in Nairobi, right where you are: pick one, and you will not be disappointed, try two, and you will be a frequenter.

1. The Talisman

Buddha Bowl @The Talisman

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Image Source: Edna Gomez. Flickr

    Dating back to a humble family of a photographer and author, The Talisman is an elegant gastro lounge, a one-of-a-kind restaurant boasting of scrumptious delicacies, with a savory taste in every bite. Doted in ambiance, set in Karen's cool and calm areas, The Talisman tops the 10 best lunch spots in Nairobi since it delivers more than mealy satisfaction, but life in every plate served. Allow yourself to experience the Kenyan style of the coastal kraft in a lively open space courtyard. The Talisman is your best choice for their variety of foods ranging from every tasty maki and tataki; they have every kind of Sushi and Sashimi that suits a light meal for the bursts of Nairobi. The classic starters also vary from Zanzibari Seafoods, Nyati Wings, pork bellies among roasted beetroot rocket salads. Mark you, the main dishes are just too amazing; a taste of every Thai specialty, Holly bowls of Buddha among chicken, beef, pork, vegetable, and fish ingredients for your best taste. Now, you hold that appetite; what is The Talisman without the drinks; from hot beverages for the cold weather, dessert wines, cognacs, brandies, sherries and ports, and liqueurs and digestifs. The Talisman is your number one choice lunch spot in Nairobi!

2. Fogo Gaucho

Roast Meat @Fogo Gaucho

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Image Source: Kosta Svina. Flickr

Think and Talk about meat; Fogo Gaucho has it all. Everything meat, roast, stew, barbequed, grilled, name it all. This is the number one Carnivorous Restaurant in Nairobi, “The Authentic Brazillian Steakhouse,” that offers fixed person priced meat meals that allow you to eat all you can and draws its style from Brazil is known as Rodizio. With more than a decade of service to Nairobi’s residents, the steakhouse is located in two separate branches, Viking House, Westlands, and Galana Plaza, Kilimani, for the best experience, making it the best lunch in Nairobi for every occasion. Be it a lunch party, after-graduation party, office lunch party, carnivorous birthday meat out, or if you are just with family and friends, they have you all covered. In light, I might have missed what you are in for at Fogo Gaucho, and speaking of which, it is among the 10 best Nairobi’s lunch spots for offering a range of meats from buffalo, gazelle, beef, mutton, crocodile meat, and chicken.

3. The Tamarind

Tasty Steak  @Carnivore, The Tamarind

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Image Source: Bour3. Flickr

If you are looking for authenticity, Tamarind Hotels promises to deliver more with the expertise of having been in the market since 1972 as the best lunch spot in Nairobi and its environs. Set in different locations from Carnivore, Nairobi for the best of lamb legs, beef rumps, skewed kidneys, sirloins, among other meats including crocodile, the amazing part is that the feeding frenzy stops when you declare defeat. For family fun times, Simba by Carnivore is the place to be for steaks, scampi, hamburgers, salads for the best weekend lunch away. The Tamarind also branches in Kengeles, set in Lavington, and delivers the best classically and rustically set outdoor experience. And for those nearer to Karen, the Tamarind also has Tamambo Karen Restaurant, peacefully set near Karen Blixen Museum just a half a mile from Karen Golf and Country Club for the best Nairobi Lunch.

4.  Brew Bistro & Lounge

Burgers @Brew Bistro Lounge

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Image Source: Daniel Reche. Pixabay

If you are looking for a place where your primal self reveals itself, Brew Bistro Lounge is a perfect choice. It is a quintessential experience dotted with expansive, luxurious outdoor heights and a lounge that makes it the ideal and best lunch spot in Nairobi. Their meals consist of tepas on a delectable menu, premium taste burgers, and signature meat grills served with state-of-the-art crafted brews and cocktails. The restaurant has two separate wings: Brew Bistro Lounge, located along Ngong Road and boasts 12 years of unparalleled five-sense feast culinary adventure, and Brew Bistro Rooftop, located in Fortis Towers, on Woodvale Avenue in Westlands and offers a 360-degree skyline view of Nairobi as you enjoy trailblazing meals. For your best 10 lunch spots in Nairobi, Brew Bistro is the place to be for a refreshing afternoon drink.

5.  Abyssinia

Ethiopian Style Chicken Delicacies @Abyssinia

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Image Source: RitaE. Pixabay

Abyssinia is a top-notch Ethiopian-style restaurant that makes it to the best 10 lunch spots in Nairobi for its exquisite experience. The restaurant promises you meals made with love and care as they pour their souls into delivering the best in every heart of their servings. Abyssinia uses freshly acquired and quality ingredients for a warm, calm, and restful eating ambiance speckled with traditionally crafted décor, which is just the right feel of hospitality that you need for the perfect lunch. For a taste of the Ethiopian Gursha, hop in for more delicacies ranging from hot and spicy meat and chicken dishes, key and mild or Alicha dishes. Abyssinia also offers sizzling hot stir-fried beef, chicken, fish, and lamb dishes, commonly known as tibs. For vegetarians, you are not left out, or if you would like house specialties ranging from Kifto and more, visit Abyssinia for lunch and have a taste of Ethiopia in Nairobi.

6.   Hashmi BBQ

Best of Hashmi BBQ

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Image Source: TripAdvisor

When you hear of Hashmi BBQ, think of the celebrated Nyama Choma artfully prepared with care and daintiness from an African Style inspiration that blends with Indian marinade spices suitable for everyone, from anywhere. Hashmi BBQ tops Nairobi’s 10 best lunch spots for its frequent barbeque lovers that enjoy the experience of heartwarming meals served in spacious and comfortable seating that suits the warm Nairobi weather. Set in City Center, Hashmi BBQ boasts of a generational accolade of service delivery for Nairobians and the whole visiting world with a perfect kitchen view, a glamor of the back door, sizzling chooza chicken, accessible front door, and a professional team for the best lunch in-and-out barbeque experience.

7. Mama Oliech Restaurant

Fried Tilapia @Mama Oliech

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Image Source: Graomogo. Pixabay

     Fish, Fish, Fish, and Fish! That is all Mama Oliech Restaurant is about. And it is only freshwater lake fish, the well-renown and ‘medicinal’ Tilapia from the home of flamingos, Lake Nakuru. Located in among the calm and warm Kilimani Neighborhoods, Mama Oliech stands out among fish lovers as it is the number one fresh-fried-fish restaurant in Nairobi that perfectly suits the men and women in black for a quick and satisfactory lunch. Mama Oliech offers their fried fish with ugali, the East African number one specialty and staple, and kachumbari, a salad mixture of perfectly cut onion, tomatoes, and coriander ring in a whole perfectly arranged tray for you and your buddies, family, colleagues, or just one-man armies. This is the best lunch spot for the typical hungry and fish lover Nairobian tourist.

8. About Thyme

New York Steak Strips @The About Thyme

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      Image Source: Malidate Van. Pexels.
Located in Eldama Ravine Road, Westlands, Nairobi, About Thyme is a hidden gem for the best lunch delicacies ranging from international cuisines of salads to various heartfully prepared lunch meals. Their menu is full of electric sets and imaginatively presented dishes such as New York Strips, pepper steaks, barbequed spare ribs, chicken Dopiaza, traditionally prepared Greek Moussaka, among various charcoal-grilled delicacies for the best lunch out. About Thyme further makes it among the 10 best lunch spots in Nairobi for its ambiance that perfectly suits you as a group as it is spread with fairy lighting on hidden tables styled with cushions and lanterns perfect for a late lunch.

9.      Roadhouse Grill

Nyama Choma @The Roadhouse Grill

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Image Source: Iweatherman. Flickr

For travelers or dwellers around Kilimani, visit the Roadhouse Grill, located along Denis Pritt Road, Hurlingham, for the best barbequed meat, commonly Nyama Choma, majorly goat meat prepared for the best taste. Order this with ugali prepared from maize or cassava flour sided with kachumbari for the best lunch out with your buddies. The Roadhouse Grill tops other restaurants as the 10 best lunch spots in Nairobi for its ready-to-eat service and locally prepared meats without extra spices, consisting of tripe, a local street food delicacy, and wet fry goat meat, and Kuku Choma. Far be it, the prices are way low!

10.  Mama Ashanti

The Best of West African Dishes @Mama Ashanti

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Image Source: Mama Ashanti Gallery

The 10 Best Lunch Spots in Nairobi are not complete without the mention of Mama Ashanti, located in Muthangira Gardens, Off Gatanga Road, Lavington; Mama Ashanti boasts of being the sole provider of authentic West-African cuisines. The restaurant aims at serving the best of West African delicacies drawn from Nigeria and Ghana with starters including Goat Pepper Soup, Kelewele, Suya, and Chicken Wings including specials such as Eforiro, Egusi soup specials, and main dishes of jollof rice among other rice specialties.


With the artful and classy Talisman topping the list, followed by the Carnivorous Fogo Gaucho, the tasteful Tamarind groups of hotels, the brews of love at heart Brew Bistro and Longue, the stylish Ethiopian Abyssinia to the sizzling barbeques of the Hashmi BBQ, Nairobi’s 10 best lunch spots delivers the best. From the fresh-fried-fish lovers of Mama Oliech, the international taste of About Thyme, the tasty and African style prepared Nyama Chomas of the Roadhouse Grill to a taste of West Africa in East Africa of Mama Ashanti, you will surely love to be found in the city at noon and head for straight to the best lunch experience. See you around!