10 Best Hairstyles for Women


Since time immemorial, women have been associated with not only grace but have been weighted with societal expectations hence the saying ‘A woman’s hair is her best accessory. Times may change, but the societal outlook on the feminine image does not change but evolves with the changing trends. We will look at 10 of the best hairstyles for the average woman that will hopefully cater to your needs regardless of age and race.

1.       Side-swept Pixie

This hairstyle suits women who prefer to keep their hair short and involves having shorter sides with a longer medium length. It is a suitable hairstyle that, despite its casual look, works well in professional settings.

2.      Knotless box braids

Over the years, braids have been gaining popularity as a convenient hairstyle, and as the name suggests, knotless braids are a branch of this but with a more complex technique. This is preferred to the normal box braids due to the gentler impact it has on one's scalp as there is lesser tension and pulling of the hair roots. Her braids are added in small portions to one's hair on a go basis. This style is definitely among the best you should think of this year.

3.      Shaved

As the name suggests, this style involves very short hair or a style where one is given a buzz cut. Depending on what you want, this style can be interpreted differently for different women, with some going for a side shave whereby one side of the head is shaved to a thinner side from the back to behind your ear. However, you can go for a fully shaved-off head, a style that is the literal definition of no-stress; if you go for a number three or four, you will still have hair that is long enough to dye should you want to.

4.      The Bob

A bob often referred to as a bob cut, is a haircut in which both the bangs and back are cut in a straight line with the back hair off the neck. The hair is mainly cut straight around the head at approximately jaw level, but it does not go further than shoulder length, mostly involving fringes or bangs at the front. There are a variety of bob cuts such as Blunt bob, Asymmetrical bob, long bob, and layered bob. You can never go wrong with a bob cut.

5.      The Shullet

This is a modern remix of a mullet and a shag and has been referred to as a 'wolf cut' recently on most social media. It is a softer version of the mullet as it has a less dramatic effect. It features the classic choppy fringe of a mullet and the feathery layers of a shag; it exudes attitude.

6.      Crochet

This hairstyle has been gaining popularity as an alternative to weaves, and it's achieved by using a tool known as a crotchet to add hair to one's already braided hair though lines are preferable. It involves feeding a little hair a piece at a time to one's head to achieve a natural-looking curly look. It acts as a protective hairstyle for most women.

7.      Faux locks

A great alternative to natural locks, they offer you the appearance of natural locks without the commitment and long-term investment that comes with natural locks. It is a protective and durable style that, coupled with good maintenance, can last for two months or three at max.

8.      Sleek and straight hair

A look you will see on the red carpet being rocked by many celebrities is the symbol of classy gorgeousness. For those with naturally straight hair, it is even more convenient as it reduces an already short process. Blow-dry hair straight and go over with a flat iron finishing off with a smoothing serum for the silky and free strand look.

9.      Layered cut

This style adds life to your hair and bounces through the layers creating a youthful look. The best way to achieve this look is by cutting your hair so that the longer pieces are at shoulder length, this length adds more volume to your hair and thus creates a bouncy look. From the top the cuts should be gradually shorter ending around the jaw.  

10.  Bouncy curls

This is a fun and youthful look as the layers start around the temple and add lots of volumes all the way down. It can be achieved in the comfort of your home through a curling iron, and although it may be a timely process, it is one whose benefits are guaranteed to make you contented.


Having discussed a few of best hairstyles available I hope that you don’t consider yourself lacking in choice when next you have to make a choice.