Five best smartphones in 2022


According to an article written by Ryan Mutuku on March 18th 2022, Kenya's smartphone market has high-end smartphones, midranges and budget phones. We find that these budget phones have only a few tradeoffs which are impressive. What is best about the phone depends on the user's expectations and the amount of money they are willing to spend. Some people need a durable phone for work, while others need one which is primarily for social media access. We therefore get to understand that the best phone for one person might not be best for another. The following list includes the five top best phones released in 2022, together with their features and images.

1.      Techno Pop 5

To start with, we have Techno Pop 5, a phone released on January 19th 2022, with many beneficial features for its users. For easy viewing of its content, it has a 6.52-inch screen. In addition, it runs on the android 11 operating system making it a fast and efficient phone. According to the feedback from users, the phone has a camera which takes pictures and videos of high quality. It has quite a recommendable internal storage of 32GB and 3GB RAM. To add up to this, it’s a dual rear camera 8MP and a single selfie camera 5 MP. The phone is also a dual sim with a micro SDXC card slot.

2.      OPPO Reno 7

Secondly, we have OPPO Reno 7 4G, which was released on March 19th 2022. It's a dual sim, and it supports micro SDXC. It has an internal storage of 128 or 256 GB and 8GB RAM. The phone supports a fingerprint, accelerometer, gyro, proximity and compass. Research and also feedback from users have revealed that it is one of the best phones because of its features, performance and value.

 3.      Huawei 9 SE

Additionally, there is Huawei 9 SE which was released on March 8th 2022. This smartphone is a smaller version of the Huawei nova 9, only with some downgrades to make it more affordable. It has a gorgeous 6.53 display, an impressive quad rear camera setup, and an 18 MP main sensor. As if that's not enough, it has a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, an accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and a virtual proximity sensor. This particular phone also has an internal storage of 128 GB,6 or 8GB of RAM.

 4.      Techno spark 8

Furthermore, there is Techno spark 8, an incredible device which was released on January 19th 2022. The gadget is slightly more advanced than the Techno spark 5 pro, thus the slight difference in their price. It also has a large 5000 mAh battery that promises smooth operation and also long talk when fully charged.

5.      Infinix Zero 5G

Lastly, we have Infinix Zero 5G released on February 8th 2022, with a very light weight of 199g, making it easier to carry. The gadget is a dual sim and a dedicated slot which has the micro SDXC. It also has an internal storage of 128GB and 8GB RAM. On the same, it brings 5G connectivity and decent performance to the table at a budget price.


The best phone in Kenya always depends on individual needs. This means that individuals choose phones with specs that seem to favor them and then compare their prices. According to Anne Katana, a student of History whose passion is sharing people's experiences through blogging, urges that the other factor that people put into consideration is the phone's durability and also the brand of a particular phone.

In her article, she says that individuals check reviews to see what other users say about the durability of a phone before making a purchase. Pricing is also important since some phones are quite expensive. Prices from different sellers are compared to get the best deal possible.