What Next for College and University Students?


Staying home is no longer an excitement for us folks, I mean, it was our thing back in high school but in between the tasks, parental control and lousy siblings, we prefer to hit it off on our own. Don't get me wrong; we cherish our families, but there are many things to learn and experience out here and this calls for some distance away from the strict parental fingers and sibling interference.

Person Writing While Using Phone

A student doing research work. 

However, times change and with the surfacing of pandemics such as COVID-19, staying at school is no longer an option as government directives have called on us to stay at home. Yes, out of the campus rooms, away from free Wi-Fi and careless friends. I get it, and it can be hard to change, especially after experiencing the other side of life, I guess parents know why our semesters never end.

It is easy to come across a few boxes here and there on campus; you can sit in for a friend for a tip, you can carry out some projects for the lazy, cute and pocket-full rich-kids and earn some money on your own. At home, however, you can be pushed to the edge of the knife and lack even the smallest denominations of a penny. We have all been there, where you have empty pockets and asking cash from your old folks seems out of your reach.

Person Behind Books

A student behind books.

Perhaps there is no much you can do, reasons being either you don't know what to do or the many things going around are just a bunch of scams and corny internet ideas and since experience is the best teacher, you tend to shun away from them. I mean, how can you earn by only referring people to like a particular page or website, talk about easy comes easy goes.

For my fellow campus ladies and gents, I would do anything, including burning the midnight oil, to try to get you to understand that there are a few beneficial things that you can do. Some might even make your ends meet. In contrast, others will ensure you productively use your time, and when all this is over and done, you will have gained a thing or two. Don't calibrate my intentions, I know you all have something to do, and given the fact that some of you are in med or law school makes it difficult to believe a blogger. Still, hey, we can save the world; differently, you practice your law, while I blog, I mean the list you want to do is judge a brother!

Take some time to appreciate nature. No offense but most of you are in the countryside where things are still green with fewer buildings and traffic. I am told that you have rivers, dams and hills; that is just cool and would be even cooler if you took some time to explore this feature. Your mind opens up, and you will have enough pictures to hashtag when the dust settles.

Get to know your family. I hate to say this but those people you see daily, are not going be there all along, get to know mum, dad is off work, ask him a few questions before he snubs, there are just a lot of things to learn and starting from home ensures your base is only pyramid-like. 

Person Writing on the Notebook

A person writing in a note book in a discussion group.

Help your siblings with the school work. We get it; you are doing the degree thing, statistics and IT possibly, just know that before you were up there, your roots once needed to be watered. Do someone some favour, water their academic roots too, they will thank you one time. Focus on making yourself a better person. Self-reflection, reading, going to services once in a while will help uproot that demon in you.