8-Step Content Marketing Strategy for Higher Rankings in 2020.


There are many blogging techniques out there on social media about how to rank higher but some are downright unfair.  Everyone wants to get great traffic to their blog or website and to some it may be way too hard. However, do you know that it can be unfairly easy to get huge amounts of traffic to your blog? It is pretty simple; you don't have to try harder to get the kind of traffic you want. Why is traffic important? As a blogger, traffic is money. If you don't have a constant flow of traffic, then your business will die.

I am here to tell you some of the best practices that can help you as get high amounts of traffic. These techniques have worked for many people and I believe you and me can get the best. These tactics are simple and don’t take a lot of money to implement.

8 step content marketing strategy for higher rankings of my favorite traffic-boosting methods that you can use today include:

1.   Guest post on expert blogs

This is one of the best ways of increasing traffic flow to your blog.  Guest blogging is an excellent strategy to use to improve your rankings. Why is this important? Guest posting ensures that your content gets in front of a brand new audience-new readers are able to know who you are and what your brand offer. On top of that guest posting ensures that you get a link back to your site. Isn't that awesome? This is how it works, as a blogger, you need to first identify relevant blogs you can guest post on. This can be done by using your niche as a keyword. A good example can be SEO niche in my case;


From this, you are able to see blogs that accept guest posts in the niche you have searched for online. This is one way of doing so although there are a host of other searching methods that one can use.

After identifying a great blog that you want to guest post for then it is the right time to land your guest post.

        I.            Read the blog to get ideas on the language used and how content is presented.

     II.            Write an irresistible pitch that encompasses your personality and honesty. Don't use a lot of jargon thinking it will impress anyone. It won't!

   III.            Make sure your pitch is well presented in a way that will get the spotlight on this expert blogs.

Truth be told, this strategy is a long-term technique that does not guarantee quick wins but it is the most powerful technique. It is one of the greatest that makes the top list.

2.    Re-share old content

As a blogger, you must have written tones and tones of content.  The best way to get higher rankings is to share and re-share your past content. I am a big fan of reusing content that is helpful and timeless.  Timeless content that is useful can be shared again and again on a regular basis. A good example is what BuzzFeed does, here is an example side by side;

This however should not limit sharing the content again and again. In fact, what you can do is update the content if you can and send it out again. If you do this for multiple blogs on your website, you can see where we are going.

3.    Create awesome infographics

In the recent past, infographics have been consistently popular and with the current development, there seems to be no change.  With that in mind, it is vital to create beautiful infographics that will enlighten your readers. This is an example of a content marketing strategy.

You can use expert creators like Kissmetrics to get the best templates for your blog use.

Canva is another important infographic template provider that can help you get the best infographics.

Nonetheless, if you don't know how well to do it, you can hire a professional on Dribble and Behance to help you get the best one that fits your bill and business model. Don't forget to share what you have created on social media platforms.

4.    Hold a contest

Who doesn't love winning. We are all winners and with that in mind with a considerable price at stake, many people will flow in to check and try win the contest. This is because there will be a rush to try and win. This is one thing that makes contests great massive traffic generators however, it only works well if it is done well. This is what you have to do:

Decide on the kind of contest you want to run: This can range from simply creating a contest that allows people to sign-up via email, write something brief from the blog or something like that? Example:

What should be at the top of your mind is that the more work people do the less traffic you get. Don't complicate things because you won't get any results, instead my appeal is it is good to use contest platforms that allows users to share contests on social media and so on. If you intend to use this model, then Rafflecopter is a great option to work with at all times.

Remember to choose a prize that is more relevant and valuable to your readers. Choose a prize that most of your audience would be willing to try their luck.

Let your audience share it on social media because that is the crucial ingredient a contest.  The more shares you get, the more your traffic grows.

5.    Interview and expert

This technique involves interviewing people in your niche.  It is not going to be an easy task but it is one you can try out.  The simplest way to get someone to interview is to simply ask them. Look out at blogs that interview people regularly and ask for an open slot. You can check the following template that can help you request for interviews.

What works is a request that is genuine, personal and specific. Follow the people you want to interview and in that way you are sure to make a great impression and get hold of one or two to interview.

6.    Get featured

As you interview others, you too get featured in other blogs. You don't have to incur great budgets, do it right and let your blog sell you out.  In this way you are bound to get expert attention that will go a long way to get you lots of traffic. You can also reach out to HARO (Help A Reporter Out) which is a featured publication.  This platform allows you to be featured if you have any content that is worth sharing. Check out numerous podcasts out in your niche to just check out what everybody else is doing to know what is coming up and what you can be featured on and which podcasts are looking for interviewees.

Look at other podcasts that have places where you can nominate yourself or someone else to be interviewed. It is not an easy journey but sooner or later that call will come in and you'll get all the spotlight.

Point to note- if a podcast doesn’t have a nomination page, you can use the contact us form to reach out.

7.    Hold a webinar

Holding a webinar is another great way of getting traffic to your blog.  This is so because webinars are a great type of content and they drive a lot of traffic to your blog.  Individuals love to learn new things for free and that is a great way to get people on board.  Here, you have to do a number of things to get started.  Ensure that you pick a great topic, one that you know inside out.  You don't need to be an expert on the topic but have a short bio that tells people about your journey. That way people will trust you and what you say on the topic.

Plan on how well to present your information, it is pretty simple, you can decide to use google slides, infographics, charts, graphs or even videos.

If you don't have a means to share the content, you can use google hangouts to broadcast the webinar for free. The good thing about this is that it will save your webinar as a YouTube video and you can share it as much as you want.

Ensure that you hook people to your content at all times. Have a great tittle that many people I guarantee would be interested. Last but not least, share this webinar on all your social media platforms. Let them share it out as much as they can.

8.    Publish a podcast

If there is one thing that is hot right now are podcasts.  People can't get enough of them because they are pretty educational and insightful. Publishing podcasts is always a great way to get tons of traffic to your website. It brings even those who had not known you or your brand content. To get started, you need the following:

·        A great podcast idea

Everything starts with an idea before it is actualized. There are many podcasts out there pretty much on everything, what makes your podcast better, unique and special from the rest?

·        Get an angle

Start of on a great angle and you are sure to call people to action.

·        Find a way to record your podcast

Publishing your podcast means you are sending it out to millions of readers and listeners. It is exactly what you should do.  If the podcast has great content, be sure it will sell and get you a lot of traffic.


If you intend to boost your traffic; these 8 techniques are great sources of traffic to your website.  I am personally using them to grow my audience and am sure they will help you to get hundreds of visitors to your blog.

It is not hard to get traffic to your blog or website. One thing that you should note is make your content valuable to your current and new audience alike.

With great content, you are sure to get visitors who will end up being long term subscribers. My parting shot is, get out there and get started. Big things start with humble if not small beginnings. Let’s go!