Tips to Achieve Better Content and Higher Rankings.


With millions of content on the web, it is a struggle for the finest, and only the best content will attract many search visits and establish dominance in google rankings. How does one content rank higher than the others, and why do people search for a particular content more than they do to the others? The answer might well be simple; a writer has to find a way to create content that adheres to the SEO fundamentals with precise copyright principles. Only after this that chances of attaining high rankings almost doubles.

However, not only can we attribute all our exponential growth to SEO adherence, but also to other factors that I intend to share with you throughout this article. Here are some tips that you can implement when dealing with SEO copyright optimization.

ü Learn from the best by visiting the top-ranked pages and analyzing their content.

ü Establish links in your content.

ü Make your content easy to be understood by using the ASMR formula

ü Add a table of content to improve the reading experience.

ü Write content in the language suitable for your audience.

ü Search intent.

ü Style of your content.

ü Type of content.

ü The angle of your content.

ü Establish links in your content.

ü Attract readers with the use of PAS formula

ü Add a table of content to improve the reading experience.

ü Add open loops.

The mentioned above are just but some tips to help you navigate. However, there is other essential stuff that you must be acquainted to. For instance, what is SEO copyrighting? It is only after understanding such basics that you will be ready to start creating eye-catching content.

SEO copywriting is the ultimate creation of online content that can be able to be ranked highly on Google, attract more traffic, engage your readers, and urge them to take action.

In the long run, content with high rankings but does not impact your objectives, be it business objectives or health objectives, is useless, just like content that converts like crazy but does not generate any traffic.

How do you create content that gets the reader nodding in agreement? How do you catch their attention and glue them to your web page? Here are some tips.

1.    Search intent.

In the USA, the word basketball shoes have over 50,000 monthly searches. It looks like good news to the people owning blogs that relate to basketball shoes. However, you might be surprised to see the content that will be displayed after searching the basketball shoes. Google knows that most people searching for information about basketball shoes are in need to buy and not just read the content for the sake of obtaining knowledge.

This might perhaps be the first step in learning about SEO copywriting, Create the right content to suit the kind of keyword that you are interested in, otherwise achieving top rankings will just be something you dream of.

2.    Style of your content.

The style of the content is the outline that you use in the material presented in the search results. It can be web pages at times or videos in other cases. If you want to answer any questions at once, you have to create a video to address all the issues.

3.    Type of content.

Your content can be classified into one of the following four categories.

It can be a blog, product, class, or landing pages.


When you are writing information content, then you need to observe the format of your content, which can be in any of the following formats; how-to's, listicles, new articles, opinion pieces, and reviews.

5.    The angle of your content.

This is the selling point of any given content. Always find the dominant angle that will appear on the search result. For example;

6.    Learn from the best by visiting the top-ranked pages and analyzing their content.

Google will rank the most relevant and useful results on their front page. You have to post content that will cut through the thousands of content published daily to secure a place on this top page.

You can achieve this by covering all the essential things that searchers are looking for ant expect to see on a web page. For example, search for the best phone models, and you will see every other content mentioning the iPhone, so who are you not to say it when it is acknowledged by most of the pages on the web?

Add other brand s of phones as well since not every other person prefers the iPhone, and not many can as well afford it. Mention Samsung, Hawaii, and other familiar brand s such as Oppo that many people are familiar with. This will strike a balance between your content and avoid product bias.

You can as well read the questions on the top pages and determine what the readers ask frequently. Then from that insight, you can create the perfect content for your webpage.

7.    Establish links in your content.

Information from google listed links among their top three raking mechanisms. That explains the relationship that exists between links and organic traffic.

Most of the top-ranked pages have up to 198 listings from other pages. It is essential to establish why many people link these pages to their content and gain insight from that.

8.    Use the ASMR formula for easy readability of content.

Many people do not like to read, they trade time for your words, and as a writer, you have to make it worthy by giving out content that is tailored to their needs and aims at impacting and making a difference in their lives.

When readers experience difficulties in reading a specific page, they will waste no time as they are sure to find other pages with batter and straightforward language and styles for them to comprehend. Good writing generates easy reading, and this starts with proper designing of content. The ASMR gives you a clear formula with the following;

Add notes, footnotes, and short notes that can easily be referred to by the reader. (Annotations)

Work with short sentences that are always easy to follow as compared to long sentences. Use words like because and however, to break the long sentences.

Use multimedia concepts, such as adding images and videos to limit the use of everyday words that cause boredom.

After writing, it only makes sense that you read out your content to make sure it flows. Remove all mistakes to create a perfect substance that can be read over and over again.

9.    Attract readers with the use of PAS formula

What attracts readers to a page is when they realize that the page is likely to address all the areas they are looking for. All this can be attained by having a good introduction that sells your article. This is when the PAS formula comes in hands (problem Agitate solve).

You establish a problem then agitate it by relating yourself to that problem. Then you promise to offer a solution to solve that problem.

Add a table of content to improve the reading experience.

A clear table of content will allow your readers to keep reading your content as they are sure to find the information they need, as indicated in the table of content.

Table of content is a thing some of the top-ranking articles have embraced. It shows the direction of your content, and the viewers might be tempted to keep reading other materials as they are sure the web page has all they need.

Add the following to your content.

Use power word that are likely to spark emotional reactions in a person. Instated of writing about five benefits of exercising, you can light it up by writing five life-changing benefits of using.

·        Add parentheses.

·        Add some ice on the cake. Show the reader that your content has been backed by adequate research.

·        Use terms like, as science says, or as so and so said.

·        Add the years of publication to your article.

Some reach needs fresh content, which the reader can only know when you add the year of publication to your title. Up to date articles attract high reading as they covet the things in today’s world, such as covid 19. Your claims should go like, best smartphones in 2020

10.Just write in a lay man’s language.

You might be surprised when you visit some pages; the language used is just necessary with no massive vocabulary. Only get straight to work and avoid terms that will confuse your readers. We are here to get the most views and not show off. This can be achieved by:

v Adding various information in your article.

Don’t just stick to the one content you intend to write on, share some new information, some current trends in your writing. No limits in content creation.

v Adding open loops.

This is common especially in TV series where you watch just the first episode and before you know it, you are glued to the screen watching the whole tying. Write your content, breaking it in a manner that the reader will want to continue reading. Introduce an idea only to cover it in the next paragraph.


The above steps might inspire your content to achieve the most out of the internet. For more ideas and insights to kick start your content marketing efforts into high gear, visit our blog and learn more.