13 Best Content Marketing Tools.


Content developers and marketers are looking for the best channels to their readers this is owing to the increased demand for high-quality content. With the demand on the rise, the range of content marketing tools is also expanding significantly. Moreover, different types of content marketing tools have been available due to the advancement in technology. These tools make a variety of marketing tasks possible including; optimization, ideation, and promotion. So definitely if you have a marketing issue, definitely there is a solution to your woes. However, many content markers are faced with the problem of choice when it comes to settling on the most precise tool that will meet their demands. This post has sampled the best content marketing tools that will lend you a helping hand in settling for the right channel of availing your content out there. With these tools, your site will have approximately 535386 visits and ads monthly. These figures mean that your site will grow at a tremendous rate. Take a look.

1.    Question DB

How do you get the best topic for your blog? Most bloggers spend at least 30 minutes racking their brains to find the right and marketable content for their blog posts. Yes, formulating a blog topic is that difficult. This untold reality is hindering most of the writers. Question DB is a less sophisticated tool that avails dozens of ideal topics of studies for your blog. Moreover, as a content developer, you need ideas on global trending issues that can form your topic of research. With question DB you are right at home. By simply entering the topic that has crisscrossed your mind, Question DB will then run a quick search and avail to you what type of questions different people globally have raised on that particular topic.

This tool has the Sort By Feature function that makes it so efficient. It sorts questions based on how frequently they are asked as well as based on how popular these questions are. It also helps in organizing the search result since it sorts by topic, results are put into various categories for better compression of the reader’s mind. Question DB has become so popular among writers as an idea-generating tool for blog posts and YouTube videos.

Pricing: for question-based keywords question DB is free or $10 per month.

2.    Mixkit

Looking to spice up your blog post with HD quality videos? Well, with Mixkit you will find a dozen of them at absolutely no cost, Free! This is the best source of high definition video content for various topics and themes. You don't need to hire the services of a professional photographer to get you some awesome video content. This website also has updates that add more than ten new videos to the site weekly or approximately 40-50 videos monthly.

Mixkit’s category feature is one of its greatest benefits. It organizes videos into different categories that you can easily access.

3.    SimilarWeb

In any business, you need to be aware of your competitors. This will help you in planning your next move. SimilarWeb provides the best platform for getting analytics on the competitors’ websites. You will get information on the keywords making your competitors rank best on top search engines as well as information on the number of subscribers your competitors are attracting monthly. One of the biggest features of SimilarWeb is referrals.

SimilarWeb allows for website traffic compassion and keyword performance for PPC platforms and for organic.

4.    Buffer

This is a marketing tool designed to aid in scheduling all social media posts on platforms as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This tool avails your content at the right time (when your audience is online). Buffer is user friendly, all you need to do is to write your post then fix a posting schedule. Analytics is the most competitive feature of Buffer. It creates a piece of insightful information on which post or tweet got the most clicks as well as retweets. This tool also helps in adding options, deleting, and changing schedules. Buffer can also be used with different browsers.

Pricing: $15-$199 monthly.

5.    ShareThis

You will like ShareThis if you are looking for high-quality social sharing buttons as well as some non-jarring. ShareThis provides a simple way of getting more engagement in the form of shares on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media websites. As the name suggests ShareThis gives the easiest way of getting customizable sharing buttons on your blogs. It is also a great way to drive collaboration and engagement. ShareThis is designed for use on any screen and also offers good language.

6.    Aweber

Aweber is amazingly simple and designed for digital marketing that requires email marketing. Aweber is best suited for email marketing as it is substantially automated for content promotions and campaigns. Aweber has been in the market for 2 decades now and is still outstanding in its niche. For marketers looking to grow their brand image quickly and with little effort, by building powerful emails will love working with Aweber. You can update the list of contacts you want to sell your business idea to. Many user-friendly features have been added to Aweber to make the experience of the users enjoyable.

Pricing: $19-$149 per month with up to 25,000 subscribers.

7.    Clearscope

Many marketing experts recommend Clearscope for an advanced way of content optimization. Clearscope provides a list of unique keywords are used for blog posts to enhance greater engagement and visibility. Clearscope works better than any SEO grader. The content grade feature of Clearcope allows an easy way of copying and pasting content into the system. It fits in any content process simplifying the work of professionals of informative content delivery.

Pricing: - $300 monthly.

8.    BuzzSumo

By using BuzzSumo blog post creators and marketers can deliver great quality work. This marketing tool is designed with powerful multiple advantageous features. With this feature, you can research the best topic and at the same time updating and monitoring your brand. You will like the feature of BuzzSumo if content creation is a challenge to you. If you are more into the SEO and marketing aspect, then BuzzSumo is the best option available.

Pricing: $79-$499 per month.

9.    Followerwonk

If you're not convinced with the quality of Twitter followers and want to find true vibrant Twitter users, the Followerwonk is the best marketing tool available. You will find top twitter influencers through this tool this will help grow your niche. Among the top features of this tool is social authority. Contrary to most twitter tools Followerwonk goes deeper with its analysis and shows users that are followed by other high profile influencers.

Pricing: $29-$79 per month.

10. OptinMonster

At OptinMonster, your search for a powerful and efficient email marketing platform ends. This tool will drive most subscribers to you as well as help you in generating leads. OptinMonster is designed with an advanced exit-intent technology that draws the attention of first-time visitors before signing out from your site. This marketing offers the 2-step Options that enables users to convert any link or image into an opt-in form. This tool will enlarge your email list significantly.

Pricing: the price of this tool ranges from $9 to $49 per month.


Tailwind will help you manage your content especially if you rely on Pinterest and Instagram regularly. This tool is designed specifically for Instagram and Pinterest. Tailwind is a simple content scheduling app that is also user friendly. This app is designed with useful features as bulk image upload, drop calendars, drag, pin looping, hashtag list, and multi-board pinning. This feature helps in time-saving. When your targeted audience is active and engaged, you can use Tailwind to optimize Instagram and Pinterest. The tailwind analytic feature enables you to understand what is good for your blog and campaign and what needs to be modified.

Pricing: Prices range from $9.99 to $799.99 per month.


Audacity is designed to help in the content upgrade by the incorporation of audio additions. This tool is also important for marketers who make use of audio mediums to communicate to their audience.

Audacity makes work easier for auditors since it cleans up the audio in any audio recordings or videos. For markers in search of efficient audio-editing options, then audacity is a must-have tool.

Pricing: Free and open source

13.CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

This is one of the content marketing tools that is gaining popularity at an alarming rate. All you need to do is to enter the chosen headline and let the software analyze the important parameters. The headline is evaluated for several aspects as readability, structure, and word use. Your headlines are then color-coded to give then value. With the tool, you can create a headline that can assure several conversations. For you to get your headlines to spot on, you definitely need this software. 

Also with this tool killer headlines are generated that can prompt an impromptu conversation among your audience. Pricing is free.

Did I miss any Tool or do you have one that I haven’t talked about? Now it is your turn to share your best software and why it is fascinating to use.