10 Weird Things People Have Done During this Corona Virus Pandemic


With concerts postponed, major events canceled, schools closed and many businesses shut down, there is less to do. Many people have been forced to stay indoors because health experts and government officials have given us directs to stay at home to flatten the curve. Being idle, people have resorted to doing certain things which some can consider funny and others abnormal. Here are some weird things  people have been doing to reduce boredom during this pandemic.

1.    A guy decides to self-quarantine himself at an event

Medical experts recommend that if an individual shows mild symptoms of the corona virus, he/she should place themselves under mandatory quarantine for 14 days. This was not the case in New Hampshire, after a middle-aged man tested positive for the virus. The man decided to attend an event in the neighboring state of Vermont even after the medical experts had advised him to isolate himself. The man was later discovered and the attendants of the event were instructed to self-quarantine themselves for two weeks.

2.    Teddy bears entertaining people in Stockport

Residents of Stockport in England are being entertained by two teddy bears namely, Ted and Ed with different events of their lives such as relaxing under the sun, camping and many other activities. The moor bears also have social media pages specifically, Instagram and Facebook pages to assist the world keep abreast with the occurrences in their lives.

The Moor bears were discovered in Costco when they caused a mess on the marmalade aisle. The two bears entertain their passers-by and some of the neighbors even come and express their pleasure.

3.    Imagine buying an art inspired by the corona virus pandemic

Some sellers on Etsy have resorted to selling corona virus-themed arts. The big question is who is going to be impressed by these arts which are a reflection of the pandemic that the world is currently facing.

4.    Acquaintances taking pictures in their wedding gowns

A clique of friends in Texas sought to conduct a photo session while dressed in their wedding gowns to kill boredom. The idea was born as the friends were chatting in their group chat and one of them suggested that they wear the gowns and conduct a photo shoot. The group took wine, rode their scooters and relaxed on their gardens while dressed in their gowns.

5.    Eating the last chip in isolation

In these uncertain times it may be difficult to access certain foodstuffs which we love. Therefore, Chuck McCarthy, an actor, improvised a paper-mache chip to ensure he eats the final dorito without informing his girl. Indeed, these are tough times. Remember to sanitize, wash your hands and stay safe.

6.    Dressing up Hank

A dog owner in Newfoundland has decided to clothe her dog in various styles daily and then post the pictures on social media. The pictures of the stylish dog are just awesome and beautiful to look at. The owner known as Hannah says that the accessories worn by Hank are sourced from the household.

7.    “Dressing up” for work

Imagine the mailman arriving at your doorstep while dressed in a crazy costume. That would be amazing right! Well this is the case in Boldon, England where Jon Matson, a mailman, delivers mails while dressed in different costumes such as Cleopatra, Waldo. Jon Matson says that people are excited when he arrives and they even contact their friends who wait for him on their windows. The neighbors chuckle whenever they see him and cars driving past him also honk at him.

8.    #LockdownLipsync

Inspired by the lip-sync in the song “Trouble” by Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson, a couple has decided to share their lip-sync game. Rachel Parris and Marcus Brigstocke added outfits and buttresses to up their lip-sync game.

They have even encouraged others to also do the same. This has led to the emergence of the #LipsyncLockdown hashtag where people can share their own creations. The challenge was well taken up on Tiktok.

9.    Hilarious video call

During a virtual meeting, the national political director for the progressive advocacy group People for the American Way, Lizet Ocampo, unintentionally put on a potato filter and was not able to remove it. This excited her counterparts who really laughed during  the live session. One took a video of the event and shared it on YouTube. It was hilarious, imagine trying to delete what you can't on a zoom call!

10.Cow urine, a cure for corona virus

Cow urine has very many uses in our day-to-day lives. For example, it is used as a fertilizer in the farm. Swami Chakrapani Maharaj, an Indian legislator suggests that this may be the cure for corona virus that we have been looking for, for the past 12 months.

Which was the most weird? Share with us in the comment section.