Character Animation as an Explainer Video Style for Your Business.


Creating animated characters is one of the best ways of effectively engaging your audience or customers. Animations are well suited for any kind of audience be it the young or old. Animations use the power of storytelling and animated characters to create highly memorable, compelling, engaging and entertaining videos that create an emotional bond between your brand and your target audience.

Animations help you create an empathetic bond a key factor in these fast-paced internet marketing world. It evokes emotions that compel your audience to act in the right way forward. It is a more direct form of engagement as it gives your customers that personal touch. These types of explainer videos are fun to watch, they are catchy and transmit information in a simplified way. Animated videos explain your brand well and thus creating more sales.

Disney Mickey Mouse Standing Figurine


The best thing about animated videos is the fact that they come in two forms. Depending on your business, you may opt to use either the 2D or 3D animation. Most brands use 2D as it is simple to make, it doesn’t consume much time and it is cheaper to use. 3D cost way much than 2D animation explainer videos. It is quite expensive to make, it is time-consuming and needs a lot of input so as to get the best 3D explainer video. There are a number of free animated explainer video templates online that you can use to get the best character animation that suits your brand well. This will go further in explaining how best your brand serves them and meets their needs.

Why Whiteboard Videos Are Effective Marketing Videos

In the realm of marketing videos, whiteboard videos are a gold mine. Most of our audiences are used to black lines scribbled on white backgrounds for a number of reasons. They are easy, highly educational and charming. Whiteboard videos are the most popular form of explainer videos at the moment. It is so because it can be used to explain complex and communicate loads of information without tiring the viewer.

You may still ask, why are they effective marketing videos? One of the most important reasons is the fact that they are cheap if compared with the other forms of explainer video styles. It is easy to make and doesn’t take much time to make. It is an explainer video that simplifies complex information thus making it easy for your audience to understand what you are communicating.

If you are looking to explain new concepts, describe new products, or teach people for educational purposes then whiteboard explainer videos are the forms to look up to.  It is a form that allows you to break the complexity of issues when explaining a startup. It is one of the best explainer video forms or styles you can use to explain new concepts to your audience. With these, you are sure to reach out to a larger group of individuals and leaving a mark.

Live-action videos a new revolution for your business

The zeal and desire to get closer to the public and communicate with them in a better manner is compelling to many businesses all over the world. However, what most people ask is how best can I leave an impression to my target audience? The answer to this question is simple, understanding the art of live-action videos may be all that you need to stir your brand or company’s growth. Live-action videos help your brand look more real, authentic and realistic; they portray the real personality of your brand and seem more credible.

How do you make them? It is simple, you need a great camera, some actors, scriptwriters and video editors to kick start the project. Live-action videos are a more transparent and trustworthy way of communicating to your audience about your brands' profile and services. It is a form of marketing that ensures that the public gets to know all the key players of every part of your brand or company. The team can be shown explaining or just giving insights on a number of things about the brand's products.

Live-action videos are a great way of ensuring that you create a personal bond between you’re your brand and your customers. It gives your target audience a sense of ownership and interconnectedness.  It is a great way of launching a product, answering a frequently asked questions section of your business and the general success of your business.

How to create screencasts for your company

Screencast has been defined by various organizations and individuals. A screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output, or video screen capture often containing audio narrations. An example of a screencast is the tutorial that shows you how to create a website or how to open an app on the computer screen.

When creating a screencast, the face of the person talking might not be displayed because the main aim of this video is to demonstrate things that can help you solve the problem through a tutorial. Screencasts are the best because they are relatively cheap and pocket friendly. They require a small investment and only need the following things to work.


Screencast software.

Steps to create a screencast.

Installation of free screencast recording.

Free screencast recording is your first requirement. Install it from the chrome web store for your Gmail chrome extension. It is available for everyone and its free. Just tap on add to chrome and the extension will be installed in seconds.

Record a video on a screen from Gmail. After the installation, go to your Gmail and compose a message. Next to the send button, you will see a recording icon. Click on it and start recording. After you are finished, click the finish recording and your video will be automatically added to your Gmail message.

Download, save and publish your video online. At your Gmail message, right-click and choose copy link address, go to your browser and paste the link, enter and the link will open the video file then right click and save. So, if you want to make a video or a demonstration and you have less money or a low budget, this is the perfect option for your tutorial.