Izzy the Unwanted Pig: A Corona Virus Short Story.


The marshals had announced a two week's stay at home order with the instructions: “Get enough food and water, and be back at the barn by 6:00 pm. Anyone who is not back in time will be punished.”

Izzy’s parents had just died from the deadly coronavirus. None wanted to take Izzy in because they thought he too had the virus and would likely pass it on to the other animals. 

After the, meeting, Izzy went back to the pigsty, but to his surprise, everyone there told him, “You are not welcome here anymore. Stay away from us because you have the virus.”

Now, Izzy had only six hours to find enough food and water for himself. He also needed a place to stay for the next two weeks. The journey was rough!

First, Izzy went to the cowshed and begged, “Please can I stay?” but the cow said, “Stay away from us, you have the virus!”

“Please can I stay?” Izzy cried desperately as he crept inside the hen’s house but he was pranced upon by her spouse. “Stay away from us you have the virus!”

Next, Izzy slid under the cable and entered the stable. “Please can I stay?” he pleaded, but the horses responded, “stay away from us you have the virus!”

Bundles of fear arouse when he got caught in the doghouse but he still asked “please can I stay?” and still the dogs replied, “stay away from us you have the virus!”

“Please can I stay?” Izzy asked as he scanned the pond, but the frogs respond, “stay away from us, you have the virus!”

Izzy hid around the bend as he approached the goat’s pen, but before he could say anything, the goats said, “stay away from us you have the virus!”

Time was running out, and the marshals were out and about. So, Izzy hid behind the barn, but he was caught in the yam.

Izzy’s squeal caused an alarm, and the Vet came with her charm. She hid a test that caused him to harm. Then, with a big smile she said, “No virus, you can stay with us!”

Izzy had a blast, for he had found a home at last.

*Illustrated by @Calvin