10 Things Your Nails Can Tell About Your Health.


Do you know that those little white marks on your nails are telling you something about your health?

If you don't know now here is the big deal, a person's nails can tell a lot about their health. It is even true that a close inspection of the nails can unearth the existence of lung diseases and allergies.

Are you curious to know how these tiny sheets of Keratin can open a window of one understanding their well-being?  Keep reading to find out what your nails can help you curb and get a better physical state.

1.    You have skin cancer.

Discoloration of your nails can be an indicator that you are suffering from skin cancer. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, states that a lot of skin cancer complications usually manifest as a black or brown band on the nail. In fact, it appears more predominantly on the thumb or the big toe of your dominant hand.

2.    Your liver isn't working well.

Nail fungus has been the most common issue see in liver disease patients.  Such conditions include liver cirrhosis, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. All the three have been known to cause finger nail health issues. To stay safe, monitor how your fingernails change.

3.    There is something wrong with your lungs

Are you worried that your lungs are not functioning properly? If so then your finger nails could be the first step in finding out what the problem is. Researchers in the recent past have suggested that clubbing the mails can be used to check the state of your lungs.

If in doing so you’re the tips of your fingernails enlarge and the nails curve downwards, that could suggest you have pulmonary diseases.

4.    Fingernails unearth Inflammatory Bowl Disease

You can tell if you are having bowl inflammatory issues from your nails. This is so if you note any changes in your nails. In most cases the nails may start to look like upside-down spoons, that is a sign-seek medical checkup.

5.    You are diabetic

Diabetes over a long period of time causes a myriad of nail-related complications. This blood sugar condition can cause yellowness, thickness and sometimes impose brittleness to your nails. How do you then know if you are diabetic? Look at those signs-a more common one is the reddening of the skin around the nails area.

6.    You are anemic

Are your nails pale? If they are then that is an indication that you are anemic.  Anemic people lack enough healthy red blood cells and as such most of their organs receive less oxygen. This is the main cause of fatigue. If you spot any paleness, seek treatment right away.

7.    Your kidneys are now working well.

So far we can all agree that finger nails can tell way more than we imagined, it in fact doesn't end there. Half red, pink or brown fingernails can be an early sign of kidney problems.

8.    You have a skin infection.

Are your nail folds looking a little too puffy and red? If so, you may have an infection that needs treating. "The most common cause of nail fold inflammation is a skin infection from bacteria, viruses, or yeast," according to Garrity.

9.    You are malnourished.

In addition to other serious complications that can be easily seen on your fingernails, malnutrition is another complication that you can note right away. Your nails will be able to tell from the way they look. If they are not shinny or bright but rather dull and pale, it is time to get your health fixed. Do it right away-we still need you!

10. You are pregnant.

This is shocking right? Believe it or not, your nails can help you know if you are pregnant. "During pregnancy the growth rate of nails is increased," Rich noted in her paper.

That's because, as The Nemours Foundation explains, all those extra hormones coursing through your veins during pregnancy impact the strength and length of your nails.

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