30 Mind-Blowing Fun Facts.


Did you know that wild boars wash their food? Did you know that getting a job at Walmart is much harder than being accepted to Harvard? What of the Eiffel Tower that is shorter in winter and longer in summer, or are you a mountaineer who'd be shocked by more than 200 dead bodies stuck on the Everest?

Take a sip of your coffee; I know you are sitting in bed or sleeping on the sofa, here are more fun facts to blow your mind and kill the boredom.

1.    An infant can fit in the arteries of a blue whale. With a heart as big, no enormous as a car, a blue whale artery is big enough to allow a toddler to swim through. Jonah had a reason to survive to Nineveh, right?

2.    Workers are more productive on Monday. Not everyone has a hangover, 29% of worker’s report being productive on a Monday while only 11% maintain it until Friday.

3.    Carrots were not originally orange. The orange carrots were developed by the Dutch. The original ones were a slender white root that seemed more like the parsnip.

4.  Peanuts are not actually nuts. Nut are botanically hard-shelled fruits or seeds with an interior kernel protected by a shell or rind. Most nuts grow on trees. Peanuts are legumes and related to lentils and peas.

5.    You can detect candlelight as far as 1.6 miles away. Do not underestimate your eyes; in a flat landscape on a clear night and unaided, the human eye can see as small candlelight 1.6 miles away.

6.    Human beings are 99.9% identical. Genetically, we are only 0.1% different, and to more, you are 90% genetically similar to your cat and 61% identical to the fruit flies.

7.  Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words. Typically, the longest word in the dictionary that ironically describes the fear for long words.

8.    Selective amygdalohippocampectomy is a medical treatment to remove fear. Are you too afraid? This surgical procedure would remove your amygdala, which is the source of visceral emotion, and you will say goodbye to fear.

9.    Flamingoes are not born pink. They are born with gray and white feathers; the pink hue is acquired with time from the food they eat. The fish and algae have chemicals know as carotenoids that dye their feathers.

10.Freelancer was a synonym to mercenary—"Free-Lancer" people who could wield their weapons without any loyalty to a nation.

11.Sliced bread was not invented until 1928. In the olden ages, bread was sold in full loaves until the Chillicothe Baking Company of Missouri launched the mass-produced pre-sliced bread.

12.More than 3 billion people watched the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Nearly half of the world population, 3.2 billion people watched the matches cumulatively. No debate on the most popular sport.

13.Only two countries have purple national flags, while 75% use red. With almost 200 countries worldwide, the Central America Republics of Dominica and Nicaragua are the only ones using purple in their flags.

14.The full name of Barbie is Barbara Millicent Roberts. In fact, she has a hometown in Willows, Wisconsin, and birthday of March 9, 1959.

15.Footprints left on the moon would last for up a million years. With no atmosphere, no wind or rain to clear away a footprint, using a telescope, you can see the tire tracks and footprints of the Apollo 11.

16.Killer Whales are not actually whales. The blood thirty fish are Orcas and make up the largest number of the dolphin family with the same echolocation ability similar to dolphins.

17.90% of the world's freshwater is in Antarctica. Some geography, Antarctica has 30million cubic kilometers of ice that, if thawed, is 9 times the combined amount of freshwater in all rivers and freshwater lakes.

18.11% of Americans think HTML is a sexually transmitted disease. No wonder IT is now a compulsory subject in all learning institutions. In a survey by VoucherCloud in 2014, 1 in every 9 people said it HTML is a venereal disease instead of a markup language. Sorry, HTML is Hypertext Markup Language.

19.The Sarawak Chamber, a natural cave is bigger than Wembley Stadium. Measuring 2000 feet long by 1400 feet wide by 500 feet tall, the cave, located in Borneo, an Island in South East Asia prides in being the world's largest cave.

20.A pregnant woman can give birth even after death. Commonly known as "coffin birth," this phenomenon is caused by a build-up of gases in the torso of the mother which push the fetus out of the body.

21.Your body is home to between 2 to 6 pounds of bacteria. Wait, don't puke your tea for nothing. These bacteria are actually useful to the body. The number of bacteria in the average human body is probably equal to the number of body cells.

22.Tuesday is the job application day. In a study by Bright.com, 37% of job seekers turn in their application on a Tuesday with only 30% applying on a Monday.

23.In Uzbekistan Asia, bread is sacred. There are a number of cultural superstitions on bread in the Asian Nation. Notable ones are never cut bread using a knife, and it is rude to place a loaf upside down.

24.Are you chewing ice? It could be a sign of anemia. Anemia or pagophagia is due to a lack of iron in the body. Chewing ice relieves inflammations of the soft mouth tissues, which are due to anemia.

25.Humans have more than the conventional 5 senses. According to researchers at the National Health Institute, people have about 15-21 senses apart from the conventional touch, hearing, smell, sight, and taste. There is a sense of space (proprioception), and heat (thermoception) to mention a few.

26.Australia is wider than Pluto. Pluto is only 1,470 miles in diameter while Australia is 2,485 miles, just proving why it is no longer considered a planet.

27.Your brain is 50,000 times faster than the most powerful supercomputer. If you are a techno-enthusiast or feeling scared of the 5G and all that world computerization conspiracies, be rest assured, your brain is still much smarter.

28.More than 1,700 English words you know were invented by Shakespeare. From the commonly known gloomy, rant and luggage, among others, all credit to this poet who Dr. Seuss-ed his way through his plays.

29.You can survive for a longer period without food than you can actually survive without sleep. Dare you try this; get some sleep. You can go for two months without food but sleep, only 11 days without blinking an eye. Lack of sleep for 24 hours impairs your cognitive ability as much as the blood alcohol content of 1%.

30.In Argentina, there is a church that worships a soccer player. Known as Diego Maradona, an all-time football star is worshiped by more than 120,000 followers of La Iglesia Maradoniana. The church was founded in 1998 in Rosario, Argentina.

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