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No spicing, no make-believe, all facts, but fascinating. Here are some of the facts that many people are not aware of. Be sure to check out all our facts in these series.

1.    Coca-Cola once saved one town from depression.

Forget about drinking a cold coke on a hot day. During the great depression, a local trusted banker in Florida encouraged the public to invest in Coca-Cola stocks. He anticipated that the stocks would attract profits in the foreseeable future. By then, a single share was selling at about 18$.

Many did heed his advice and invested in the company, and just like he has promised, the stocks boomed in prices. In only a short period, over 100 people had become millionaires. Many followed suit later on, and up to date, the town, Quincy, has the highest per capita in the states.

2.    Charles Darwin's personal pet tortoise just died recently.

We all know Darwin as we spend most of our high school time trying to understand his evolution theories. Well, it turns out not only was he determined to convince as to ditch the biblical creation stories, but also owned a pet and named it Harriet. Back then, when she was bought from the islands of Galapagos, she was only five years old, and 176 years down the line, she outlived Darwin, her master by 124 years. Well, if this does make your eyes open wide, what else will?

3.    An average person will spend six months of their life just waiting for the red light to turn green!

Driving can be a fun activity. It is quite liberating, according to some brain experts, until you come face to face with the red lights. As if that is not enough, studies show that an average person will spend at least 75 seconds on every red light stop. What is more fascinating is the fact that almost 30% of your driving time will be spent on obeying red lights as well as watching out for the green light.

If you do the math, depending on how busy your road is, and how many trips you make in and out of town, then it is only fair to say that red lights some of the true consumers of the 24 hours we are given each day.

4.    One in three divorce files have the word Facebook in them

Just like 4 out of 5 people use Facebook on a global scale, the same rate seems to be transferred to divorce cases and appears to be a factor in raking many marriages. What can I say? It is the Facebook era, and spending almost ΒΌ of your daily time on the platform seems not good enough.

A divorce lawyer in the US, Martin Rosen went to great heights to explain how Facebook has been a factor adding fuel to divorce cases, you should google him some time.

5.    The Netherlands is so safe that it sometimes imports criminals to fill its prison cells.

Since 2004, the Netherlands has experienced a drop in crime rates, and as a result of that, many prisons have been shut down, 23 to be exact.

To curb the layoffs of prison gourds and prison officials, the country has been importing prisoners to fill its empty cells. Norway has been a close customer!

6.    The largest pyramid in the world is not in Egypt.

Okay, we all know Egypt as home to some of the world's biggest pyramids, infect, many of us only know Egypt as the only country in the world with pyramids. Well, if you are one of them, then I can't tell you how wrong you are.

The great pyramid of Cholula, located in Mexico, is as big as four times the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt, which is the second biggest. Egypt, you got some competition.

7.    You can hear the heartbeat of a blue whale from two miles away.

The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet with a weight of up to 150 tons and a length of about 90 feet. Usually, with such a big body size, it only makes sense if the blue whale has the largest heart as well, to be precise, the size of a small car! The heart alone weighs about 1300 pounds so as to facilitate proper blood circulation throughout the colossal body and immense arteries.

Its heart beats so powerfully that you can hear it from two miles away. However, its heart just beats 8-10 times per minute.

8.    The Netherlands has a bridge explicitly made for squirrels

In order to provide a safe presage for the squirrels attempting to cross the busy N44 highway, Official in the Netherlands built a passage bridge for such rodents. It was a kind gesture and showed how much some countries value and care for wildlife, including the most destructive of all, squirrels.

Economically speaking, it wasn't really the best project to invest in tax payer's money, I mean, $120,000 for just that? In my country, very few human roads cost even close to that, but what can I say, some countries are just sky high with mouthwatering GDPs. In 2014, the government reported to have seen 3 squirrels using the bridge, and in 2015, two were spotted enjoying the traffic-free bypass. So, technically speaking,5 animals used that bridge within a 2-year duration. How economical!

9.    Just one bolt of lightning contains enough energy to toast 100,000 bread slices.

If only there was a way to harness the energy and direct it towards bread modification! Our technology isn't there yet, but lightning, apart from carrying a spectrum of beauty and ecstasy, contains a lot of energy enough to kill a person or more so, sufficient to toast 100,000 slices of bread.

Interesting fact right?

10. President Lyndon B Johnson owned a water surfing car.

Always a comedian, president Lyndon would drive guests downhill at his Texas ranch in a car, then claim to experience problems from the brake system. Once the Amphicar hit the waters, they would sigh with relief to realize that the car was, in fact, made for the purpose of surfing on water.

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