40 Facts About Africa Even Africans Don't Know Some.


Charles Darwin, with his Evolution theories and the missionaries, must have done a great deal of a job in giving the whole world some light about Africa. Some are amazing reports while others are just hearsay, on a mention, the dark continent. This continent stands out to be more than just the cradle of humankind, so to speak, there are a lot more facts that everyone needs to get right, even Africans themselves. Set aside the conspiracies, lullabies, folklores, missionary theories, culture, dynasties, and tune in to the fascinating facts that would make you explore the continent. Here is a compilation of the amazing and reality African Facts you might want to keep in mind as you visit Africa or as an African.

1.    Africa is not a country. Please get this right whenever Africans visit countries abroad.

2.    30% of the Earth's remaining mineral resources are found in Africa. Nigeria is actually the 4th largest oil exporter in the world. 2.2million barrels produced every day.

3.    Egypt is the cradle of ancient civilization. The Pharaonic civilization is among the oldest and longest-lasting civilization.

4.    25% of the world's languages are spoken in Africa. 2000 recognized languages are spoken in the Continent; New Guinea alone speaks 820.

5.    More than 50% of Africans are below 25 years of age. The continent takes up 16% of the world population. 1.1 billion.

6.    By the year 2050, the population of the African Continent is projected to double. The expected would be 2.3 billion people.

Some of the tribal adornments.

7.    More than 25 million Africans are HIV positive. The death toll due to HIV is already more than 17 million.

8.    The internet connectivity of Africa is much less than Just New York City. As a reveller, be prepared for that

9.    More than 60% of the continent is dry land. It is the 2nd hottest continent of the world with Sahara, Kalahari and Namib deserts.

10.The continent accounts for 5.7% of the Earth's surface. May not be much but it makes up 30% of the earth surface, end of story. You have to remember that 70% of the planet is water!

11.The continent has the largest reserve of precious metals: 40 % gold reserves, 60% of cobalt reserves and 90% of the world platinum reserves.

12.The Sahara Desert is the largest in the world. In fact, bigger than the Continental United States of America. The Western Sahara is non-governed.

13.China is the top African Trader, not the European colonialists. Specifically, Sino-African trade volume is almost $200 billion every year.

14.The Direct Investment of China into Africa is more than $50 billion. Go ahead and check out the Forum on China Africa Cooperation.

15.There is a great threat of Neocolonialism for the Continent. There are actually more than 1 million Chinese citizens on the African Continent, and to mention, Angola has more than 350,000 Chinese.

16.Jack Ma has great faith in African Youths. He intends to invest $10 million in funds to the growth of the continent.

17.The variability of rain for the continent is very high. Be sure to expect as low as 0mmlyear to 9,500mm/year if you are visiting.

18.More than 240 million Africans suffer from chronic undernourishment. As an African, check on your neighbour.

Porto Novo streets, Benin Capital.

19.The rates of deforestation are 2 times higher than the rest of the world. More than 4 million hectares of primary forest disappear every year. nya, Malawi and Zambia only have 1-5% of their primary forests.

20.The continent has the most extensive burning of biomass in the whole world. However, it only accounts for 4% of the world's carbon IV oxide gas emissions.

21.Africa has the largest remaining populations the wild species. So to speak the lions, hyenas, leopards, elephants, rhinoceros, cheetahs among others.

22.The Serengeti in Tanzania has the largest wildlife migration on Earth. With over 750,000 zebras matching upfront of 1.2 million wildebeest. Get down there for the amazing sight.

23.The continent boasts of uniquely habiting giraffes, zebras, gorillas, hippopotamus, chimpanzees and wildebeest. Explicitly found in Africa.

24.Lake Malawi has more species of fish than any other freshwater lake on Earth.

25.99% of lions are found in Africa and 88% of the world elephant’s population.

26.25% of the world's bird species are found in Africa. More than 2,300 different species of birds are native to the continent.

A Narina trogons bird specie.

27.The equator splits the continent into half. It travels through countries such as Kenya and Uganda, to mention a few.

28.Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt. Sudan has 255 pyramids that nearly no one talks about compared to the famous 118 to 138 pyramids of Egypt.

29.Egypt receives the highest number of tourists. The country welcomes 10 million people every year; this makes it home to more than 110 million people. Well, Nigeria almost doubles, 205.5 million people.

30.Cairo is the largest city in Africa. Situated on the North, the city has 9 million people.

Egyptian Muslims gather for Eid al-Fitr mass at El-Seddik Mosque, 05 June 2019, Cairo

31.Devastating to note but 10 of poorest world nations are found in Africa.

32.Seychelles is the smallest country in Africa. It is just a collection of islands. The smallest mainland country is the Gambia.

33.Arabic is the most spoken language on the continent. It has 170 million speakers; 130 million for English and 100 million for Swahili.

34.Only 16 of the 55 African countries are landlocked. Among them are Lesotho and Swaziland.

35.Gabon is among the 5 most expensive cities to live in the whole world.

36.The Nile Crocodile is the biggest reptile on Earth. It can grow to a maximum of 20 feet long and weight 1,650 pounds.

37.Africa is home to the deadliest Wild Animal. How much do you fear sharks? Not yet scared. The African hippopotamus has a record of 500 kills every year. I mean human beings.

38.Angola has more Portuguese speakers than Portugal itself. Portuguese is their national language; I bet the colonizers had some charms, the country has not officially adopted any of its indigenous languages.

39.Kahun Egypt is the oldest city in the world with a formal plan. Egypt again receives all the credit.

40.Much of the Star Wars Saga was filmed in Africa. Specifically, the Sahara Desert, however, with time, the artifacts and crafts left behind have been swept over by sand.

Did you know that the English words Jazz, coffee, safari, zombie among others were originally African words?

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