A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Successful Blog.


The monetization of online social media platforms has made blogging one of the most promising business ventures one can engage in. If anyone is looking for a way to make some good money, then blogging is a great way to start especially during this lockdown period.  Blogging was initially believed to be for famous personalities but the realization of how to make money while still talking about fascinating events or general ideas has made blogging a gold mine. However, if you are getting started, here are some of the best practices you can employ as you take on this journey:

Choose a Topic

Be conversant with what you are going to be talking about by outlining the topic or niche and focus on building information that would be matching to your content. It needs to be something you’re passionate about, have experience on trending topics; this will cater for the challenge of being up to date as you will always have the urge to provide your readers with the latest on your topics of interest. On the reader’s side, they need an eye-catching title topic, clear, informative, concise and intriguing as the first impression gives them a chance to take a second keen look at your blog.

Acts of Leadership: How to choose a research topic

How to choose a research topic illustration.

Host Platform Selection

You would want to do some good research before settling on a host. This is quite necessary and you need to look into the number of recommendations for the hosts, their hosting charge or costs involved, the load time speed and features available or presented. It would also be of importance to know the security guaranteed for your blog, the support the administrators are providing and the track record for all the activities that will be taking place on your blog. One may opt for self-hosting but, depending on your plans and desires it is recommended to go for bought hosting since it will save you the tasks and time creating templates while on the other hand self-hosting is self-developed. Choose an easy to use and affordable platform.

Select a Name for the Domain

Keep in mind the SEO tools to guide you through this important step of picking a domain name which should be short of two to three words and a mini-summation of your chosen topic. Use .com or .net which are known top-level domains, avoid using subdomains that are self-hosted or with hyphens as they are prone to spam. This is what will appear to be supporting the content of your blog whenever you share a link with someone, it should give the impression of a legit and authentic product or source of information. This will enable you to get backlinks from captivated readers.

Setup Analytics for Google.

Worried about how you will be managing the information and taking account of the activities that will be taking place on your blog? Then installing Google Analytics will provide assurance. Keep track of your activities when making your blog and the results using the URL campaign builder in getting links from social media platforms and other sites. This will also help you determine how to make improvements and what changes to make, know where most of your traffic is coming from and thus provide more related content with links to the sites.

Install Webmaster tools for Google

The extent of your effort in making a pro blog needs leveraging by webmaster tools for Google to help you see the rank in keywords and any other related information that impacts the ability of ranking. This enables you to hand in an XML sitemap for tracking the value of keywords in line with the rate of click-through. It one major tool that will see you grow your blog by the constant evaluation of your activities.

Use Content-Delivery Network and Caches.

There are systems that ensure the speed of your webpage delivery and they include W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache which help to turn on your browser cache. Apply Google Speed Insights to help you test the systems prior to installation and after the installation, as they are essential in instances where one has more traffic on their websites. Setting up your Content Delivery Network is also essential in increasing the speed of delivery of your content globally and this can be met by the ease of integration of the W3 Cache and AWS and Max CDN. This is one major way of building a powerful blog.

Setup the Accelerated Mobile Pages project

An initiative to increase the load time and accessibility to a large extent of content information. Developed by Google, the project assists in reducing a web’s main structure functions to mobile access mode by the use of back-scaled JavaScript and CSS. The CSS code is minified and the combination with back-scaled JavaScript, the speed of pages is improved which is essential in improving the functionality of the blog.

Be proactive to Learning SEO

It would be a task to always depend on your own understanding on how to optimize your blog but the best way to cut down the tasks by learning the shortcuts and the principles presented by Search Engine Optimization tools. Start off with guidelines presented by Google Webmaster, learn how it works and put into action and always try to learn something new each day regarding the rankings know the trends and counteract them. This will give you the ideas of what to do to ensure you rank on search engines and thus improve your blog.

Constantly create Content that is Useful

This is in line with the topic you chose for your blog site. You need to be captivating, engaging, informative, centric in keywords, standing out and full of insights into your content to see your readership grow. Remember that if your blogging about events or personalities, be sure to get your readers with the latest or what is new in the fields, and if you’re blogging about expertise of professions, be up to date with the trends and give your readers something that they don’t know or they know but a better version and useful than the previous. This will see you get back-links and keep your readers to your site since there’s always something better each day.

Go for Email Marketing

One of the simplest and plain ways to get income through your blog. It presents you with a strategy that will see get back-links to your sites and help you build a large network from different platforms. You will probably have to identify the email marketing sites to get to and some include; Aweber, ConvertKit, MailChimp, Constant Contact, InfusionSoft which may be just a meager list of the many platforms to get Email Marketing.

Engage an Affiliate

If you’re thinking of making it big using simple steps, then you have the need to engage a lead magnet in your blogging. You may be dealing in a particular field but would wish to come up with more useful content to your blog, partner up with another person that will be offering a digital product that is related to your blog topic. The lead magnet will create referrals to your blog and set up recommendations to your site by providing you with links to anyone who signs up for your blog.

Sell Digital Material

 Opting for email marketing and lead magnets will help you build a wide operational sales platform but you need some digital materials or services to offer in the back end. Come up with a tutorial, a guide or a sample instruction document to do something which you can ask your readers to first subscribe before getting the full content. You can also do short videos with captions on a product that you recommend or even sell your own products after getting a trustworthy readership and subscriptions.

Be Socially Engaging

Your readers will feel much appreciated if they can directly engage you personally concerning whatever you’re blogging about. Create a channel for queries, feedbacks, rating of site and comments; your readers will have the chance to express their views and concerns and thus you’ll learn on where to improve, get more of the information, create a network, refer and sell your products. You’ll also need to respond to queries and directly contact your email subscribers if they would wish to get more from your site.

Content Marketing

You need to improve your visibility on search engines; this is a sensitive process that will see you build long and unending content that links to your anchor information. It can be carried out by doing some articles on sites like Medium and Scribd to mention just a few, you can also respond to queries on Quora or Reddit, doing videos on YouTube, short videos on Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media platforms. This will sell your information out to the media users and through the contact me links, you will then get links and subscriptions to your blog.

Monetize your Blog

The primary goal of your blog is to generate some income from blogging, and the way to go about it is through running ads related to your content, sale of products, purchase referrals, product reviews, podcast sponsorships, E-courses, premium content, and E-books. These are just but a few; do something to bring you cash as a part of relation to your content.

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