15 Creative Ways to Make Money Online from Your Comfort Zone.


You must have heard of people living prosperous lives by making money online. The question is, how do they actually do it? There are so many ways at your disposal you can use to become a successful entrepreneur too. All you need is the product or services you want to sell, and you are good to go.  You can earn money through your personal website or online training courses that you offer. These are some of the top ways to make cash in your leisure time. If your goal is to monetize but have no idea where to start, then here are some realistic techniques you can look into:

1.   Creating a personal website

You will definitely need a website to generate passive income from the comfort of your home. This is one of the best ways to earn money while on vacation or at home. You can browse the numerous ways to monetize your website and start getting frequent visitors to your site. Read more

2.    Forex trading

Online trading is not secure, but it can be lucrative once you are knowledgeable in the field. You need to gather as much information as you can first before counting profits. Failure to take the pieces of training seriously may incur you insignificant losses that are not refundable. So you need to be careful. You can seek assistance from a trustable expert in forex trade then learn to do on your own. There are well-known platforms in the business, such as iron trade, expert option, and eToro.com. These platforms can make you over 6 figures within a short time only if you know how to trade.

3.    Web searching

Did you know that you can be paid for browsing the net? Online searching is something you do daily, and this is the perfect opportunity for you. Qmee.com will pay you for researching through the net in i.e., Yahoo and Google. All you need is to paste an add-on to your browser, and there will be some sponsored results in addition to your standard search.

4.    Google/ Facebook AdSense

Google ads are easily noticed in most of the sites you have visited. Believe it or not, they play a significant role. They are quite easy to install and lucrative enough to start driving in massive traffic to your website. Simply sign up and get a Google AdSense account that is surprisingly free. Google will then give you a unique code to paste on your website. All your traffic and earnings will be tracked, managed by Google. If you can drive massive traffic to your website, then you stand a chance in earning the right amount of money annually or even monthly.

5.    Online surveys

This is yet another brilliant way for students to earn in their free time. People get to share their opinions and earn rewards/vouchers out of it. Research companies are currently recruiting members globally to answer these survey questions and test their products. All you need to do is fill out forms and get paid. Here are some of the top panels you can sign up with: survey junkie, I-say, the opinion panel, inbox pounds, and swag bucks.

6.    Affiliate marketing strategy

This strategy involves earning money through a unique link whenever someone buys a product or service using it. For example, if you own a blog website like Surveg, consider partnering with brands and affiliates connected to your blog concept. Authors, too, would partner with companies like Amazon so that they can sell their books quickly.

Another way you can earn money passively is through referral signups. This occurs when you invite other people to sign up for a program through your referral link. The more they sign up and make sales, the more you earn.

7.    Consultation services

People out there are willing to hire you in exchange for your professional advice. If you are a guru in fields like finance/accounting, life coaching, and education, you can counsel them. Even though you think your consultation skills are not essential, some people are willing to pay for them. A good example is when successful bloggers or authors are approached to help new entrepreneurs in marketing their brands on social media. Besides, a counselor with knowledge in psychology can be consulted on a lot of issues. Your rating per hour will depend on the skills you are offering and the duration. There are websites such as Clarity where new people can sign up and set up their profiles. After successfully completing your profiles, clients can begin booking sessions with you as you earn.

8.    Promoting sponsored Posts

Positive social media influencers have been approached by famous brands to pursue their sponsored ads on their media pages. As we all know, social media is an excellent way of reaching large crowds, and these are the right people to help. Companies are more than willing to hire such individuals to promote their services or products. Huge Instagram or Facebook followings can earn you some good cash. But, always ensure that you encourage legit brands that you trust and use their services and products.

9.    Online training

This technique favors individuals who are natural in sharing their skills. You can become a tutor to your fellow students. Many online courses at your disposal will train you on anything. For example, you can learn how to cook, teaching educational subjects, translation, various computer packages, freelancing gigs, and even marketing techniques. These pieces of training are conducted online through video recordings or yet written content. You will undoubtedly earn for offering these courses. Udemy, for instance, will allow you to enroll your online course then pay you once clients start taking it.

10. Freelancing

If you are a talented individual in any area of expertise, then it’s possible to earn a living. Website development, all writing, graphic design, admin assistants, data entry, among others, are skills one can venture in and get hired to do so—all you need to figure out a niche that you find more convenient and connected with clients. Make sure you are delivering quality work to keep your ratings on top.

Freelancing is a great opportunity and proves to be way better than the usual collar jobs as you work at your own pace. You will get to work remotely and help that person who does not have space for that job. A good freelance website is up to work, you can check it out. You can decide to freelance in one area and afterward teach others too through your online course.

11. Selling items online

Instead of having unused products, you purchased some time back lying around the house, why don't you sell them online? This act will not only keep your home organized but will also help someone out there by selling it at a lower price.

Sites like e-bay, for example, allows people to sell their second-hand clothes and earn some cash. Sweet, right?

12. Vlogging

YouTube is one of the platforms that has helped people monetize their business ideas. People are using YouTube to make videos on any topic and earning from them. Influential social media influencers with over 1 million followers are paid for the time and videos they create. Thanks to the new YouTube partner program, vloggers can now get a percentage of the advertising revenue for every 1k views. You may not earn that much through this technique, but is worth a try.

You can come up with creative videos on any niche, be it travel or business and notice how many people are eager to watch it. This will depend on how viral your content is and the subject. This is a fun money-making technique for those who are not photophobic.

13. Reviewing apps and websites.

     You can surprisingly become a pro in browsing websites ad leaving honest reviews. Sites like UserTesting is an upcoming platform that hires people to review different websites daily and averagely earn $10 through PayPal.

14. Bookselling

Nowadays, it is straightforward to write, publish, and market your books virtually if you are an excellent author. Students can use this opportunity to bag some pocket money as they have excellent writing and research skills. You do not require a formal publisher to get it done. If you are empathetic with your essays and have access to a computer and internet access, you can make passive income. Several authors are publishing their books and selling them at Amazon. Make sure that your content is presented in the purest form possible. 

Allow me to tip you on the type of eBook that people are most likely to purchase: nonfiction's always win. I.e. (how to successfully ace an interview). The other vital tip is that your book cover must stand out to attract readers. All you need is to have a target audience and write about it and take note of the sales you make in a month.

15. Selling photos

Some websites will pay for them if you are capable of taking good pictures with a quality camera. For starters, try uploading images for free to stock sites like Getty Images. Later on, upgrade and start selling photo topics with lesser search results, but they are confident they are on demand. Platforms like Pexels will pay you in exchange for your pictures.


There are tons of ways to make money other than the ones I shared. If you are passionate about something, have time to spare, and have a ridiculous creative skill you would like to share, you can create an income virtually. Feel free to browse for more ways that can help you generate income online.