15 Best Freelancing Websites for Beginners.


What can make me a freelancer? Before searching for the best freelancing websites for beginners, you have to develop skills and figure out what you are good at. If you're looking for the best freelance jobs, check out these websites. These are going to be great beginner jobs that will get you experience and a side hustle that will earn you good cash. This article explores the best of these websites in 2020.

#1. Fiverr.

This is one of the best website for new freelancers. They provide the best experience for beginners. In this case, one can create content and post on Fiverr. It provides a platform where one can post any type of content. This ranges from copywriting, website development, and content writing. On posting, one can sell the created content for as low as $5 and above.

The charges may change according to your content and the client’s expectation. Good and top content leads push for high ranks and hence higher pay.  There are rules and regulations in this site and hence one ought to read them well and understand before joining the platform. One must go through the regulations. In so doing, you overcome the problem of being kicked out from the platform. Also, for better understanding of the site, one should go through frequently asked questions

#2.  Upwork.

This is the most preferred website for most and top freelancers. It was formed by merging of the two top freelancing sites Elance and Odesk. More than 5 million businesses depend on over 12 million freelancers on this website. This is a site that allows high growth rate as well as increasing the growth of their activities.

It is a biding website and therefore one has to fine tune their pitches and build best contents to achieve top rating. High ratings leads to fast hiring and high biding charges. This freelancing site allows both long-term and short term projects.

#3. People per hour (PHP).

This is the best for a freelancer who is good on web development projects. It is the best for web developers, designers and SEO specialists. This is a platform offers the best pay on all the projects available. This is the best platform for new freelancers.

#4. Surveg.

This is one of the best platforms that offers a large space for content creation. This allows for the best learning as well as content creation. Its contents not limited but offers a full variety on all niches.

The projects here are paid on the best basis and is most convenient for new freelancers. Also, it has a space for open influencer market and so provide more exposure to influencer marketing.  If you need the best website for your freelancing carrier, this is one of the most convenient. You are covered and all you do has a high pay rate. 

#5. Toptal.

This is yet another better platform that provide the best content for its clients. In this platform, one is expected to go through a series of screening. On passing in the process, he/she is capable of accessing a large project market.

The completion of the projects leads to some fair compensations. Despite the fact that this site provides good projects, they are good for seasoned talented freelancers. They don’t provide a continuous flow of work.

#6. SimplyHired.

This website offers the best job opportunities for freelancers. It gives a variety of jobs for those who seeks extra job. It has a large coverage of more than 12 countries. The main advantage of this website is that, it provides jobs in more than 10 languages. It is not limited to English language only.

Therefore, individuals who are not good in English can access the work in the language that they are able to provide the best content. Also, the work flow in this website is constant and hence you can access work at any given time.

#7. Freelancer

This is one of among the top freelancer sites. They offer a large coverage of content creation. In addition to the projects offered in the platform, it offers a chance of competition among the freelancers. This is meant to showcase their competence. In this case, one can access top ranking and access more jobs from different clients.

Also, depending on the content creation of an individual, one is in a position to reach high paying clients on the basis of their competence. The higher your content is ranked; the higher the number of clients you get.

#8. Freelancewriting.com

This was established in 1997. The platform has a variety of jobs. Here, one is required to create an account and visit the job page.

On the job web, there are variety of jobs and hence one ought to choose a job that interests them. Thereafter, you create a content from the topic of interest.  

#9. Writeraccess.

This is a writing website which is managed by agency. The website has agencies who acts as their clients. In this website, one is hired to create blog posts, plain papers, blog content as well as copywriting.

The platform has a continuous flow of work as they have ready clients all through.

#10. Servicescape

This is not a well-known website to most freelancers. But to surprise, it has more than 83000 members. Is provide all the kinds of writings. For one to start musing the sit, they need to create an account and access the jobs in the website.

It provides the best working platform. It is the best for a new freelancer.

#11. Skyword

This is brand that have been existing around the world for some time now. It connects freelancers with clients all over the world.

Despite the fact that it has little access to freelancers, it is the best for a beginner freelancer.

#12. Flexjobs

This is the most growing website. Its main goal is to allow a favorable working of businesses anywhere. It provides the best working platform for businesses. In this case, people can work from where they are. Any kind of a job can be accessed in a flexible manner.

This platform is better in allowing a good working environment. In this case, one can access job while managing additional costs.

#13. Contena

In contradiction to other freelancer websites, this is a subscription based website. One has to pay some subscription fee before accessing the site.

The main advantage of this site is that, there is an access to Contena academy that equips its members with skills on writing. Also, the cost is relatively high per sec.

#14. Mediabistro

Most jobs here are location based. It provides variety of jobs to freelancers.

The website needs specialty to get the best projects and get higher clients.

#15. Bloggingpro

This website allows clients to post jobs and have a fixed rate of at least $15. Also advertisers are expected to post their jobs with their expected rates. In this case, there is a better engagement between the freelancers and the clients. This is the best in acquiring long-term clients.

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