Best Sites to Get Paid for Writing & Blogging.


Are you a writer looking to earn a decent living as a remote writer, editor or blogger?

You might have recently signed up to our remote jobs newsletter. The long wait is finally over. In this blog, we are breaking down the best sites to get paid for writing and blogging.

It is pretty simple, all you need is a laptop, a pen, a book to write your drafts and of course your brain. During this pandemic, many people have turned to freelancing and online jobs after being laid off and if you are one of them you are at the right place.

Most of the jobs here pay between 5$-50$ per post (Often around 300-500 words). So, if you are looking for paid blogging jobs, here are the best sites to try out;

1.    Problogger

I would rank this website as my number one best site to get paid for writing and blogging. It is no doubt that it is the best market place for both publishers and bloggers to connect. The owner of the site, Darren Rowse has over the years been teaching newbies about how to make money online through blogging.

On the site, you are able to access a range of job offers on the [jobs category]. Due to this environment, the job board draws a knowledgeable audience of bloggers (great applications), which attracts the best job postings (highest paying/most prestigious opportunities).

All you need to know is how to pitch to clients in order to get those jobs. Many organizations share emails on the site and as such, one can pitch directly to them and win a great contract. Here is a sample pitch that anyone can modify and use to pitch to multiple clients. To learn more about pitching for such jobs, feel free to check this out!

Are you ready to give it a try, let's do it?

2.    Craigslist

This is another free to use website that has many job offers that anyone can do. If you have looked at the site before you may be wondering where are the jobs? Pretty much, on the navigation bar, search the "Writing/Editing" category of the job listings. A drop down on your specific city will allow you to get leads around you. Nonetheless, you can go out of your way and apply for more jobs in different parts of the world.

Blogging is often not locale specific and so it is worth it to try applying in all major cities.  This is what makes Craigslist one of the best sites to get paid for writing & blogging. Everything is still the same, pitch well and you will land a deal.

3.    Media Bistro

This is another best site to get paid for writing & blogging. You are able to get to the jobs board by clicking on the "Jobs" link in the main menu. This will then redirect you to the job listings.

Search for "blog" in the search box on the left. You can also visit the "Online / New Media" category for more interesting opportunities. Media Bistro is a big portal for anyone who works in the content/creative industry. That includes online media, PR, writers, editors, producers, etc. This is where the big media players (magazines, newspapers) will post jobs. If you are ready to get started, this is one stock shop, get online and try it out.

4.   International Living

International Living is another best site to get paid for writing and blogging. It features articles that provide insight into foreign destinations.

As a writer in your location, you can research the best places to visit in your location and write about the place. Their readers want info focusing on the cost and the way of living, culture, healthcare among other things

The good news is that you can get all these details online.What is amazing is they pay variable depending upon the type of content and its word count. The better your content is the higher the pay.

5.   Cracked

This is my last of the best 5 sites to get jobs on. Are you a humorous individual with a great sense of creativity? Are you able to produce comical stories, articles and images? If yes is your answer, then this is something you should try out. Basing on their reputation, trust me, they pay highly.

Here are honorary mentions that you can try out. There is no limit to how many of such sites you can be bidding on at one particular time. Perform your own due diligence before entering into a working relationships with any new client.

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It is easy getting freelancing websites, but it is harder getting gigs. Many people are not aware of what they need to do to land any one gig. Here is how to write a good freelance email to a client. Follow all these details and edit it to meet your demands:

Let’s get to it;

As you pitch, set your subject line to capture your client’s attention.  Fortunately, I have spent the last 5 years engaging freelancers and taking an active part in applying for these jobs.

I have engaged over 2000 freelancers inside my Freelance Writers Den community and one question has always been what email subject line grabs one’s attention and get the emails opened?

1.    Keep it simple.

Keeping it simple means you just highlight who you are and why you are writing the email. It may look unattractive but it is damn effective.

Such subjects include:

SUBJECTS: Freelance Writer with an idea for you.

2.    Ask a question 

Do you know that questions intrigue many people's minds? Having a question in your subject line may just catch your prospective client's eye.

Here are some samples

SUBJECT: Do you use freelancer writers?

It is good to do your background check if you are reaching out to organizations you know less about-however, do your research be sure about what you are applying for.

3.    Go short

Do you remember that 'Hey' email that President Obama sent to his staff? It went viral and changed the way we look at email subjects. Here are some options that you can go with;

SUBJECT: Marketing

SUBJECT: Quick Question


4.    Show your professionalism

As you pitch, it is important to show your research as you send out a cold pitch. Here are some great example email subjects to use;

SUBJECT: Need Help Keeping Your Blog Updated?

SUBJECT: 1- Year Update Story on the Earthquake?

SUBJECT: Time for New Case Studies?

Do not send no subject line emails, if you leave it blank, it will be a negative sign. No-subject emails get few or no opens.

What do you think works best for you? What other things are you struggling with? Share in the comment section and I will get back with all your answers. Here is a sample from my sent box:

What are you waiting for?

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