WordPress Vs Wix - (2020) Key Questions.


I take time to dive right in and explore these two very popular website development solutions. WordPress and Wix, in an exclusive comparison, all with an aim to answer some of the questions eating you up.

What are many asking themselves?

        I.          Which is the cheaper solution to go with between the two?

     II.            What in the name of templet appetence does each platform present?

   III.            On a fair scale, how do you compare the two?

   IV.          Which of the two (WordPress and Wix) easier to use and is more user oriented?

     V.            Is it possible to conduct online business using either one of them, and if so, which one is more appealing?


The best part of all this being, by the time you are done reading this article, then you will not only answer the above mentions, but also make decisions based on enormous knowledge that you will root through the enrichment's of the article. Starting from the most obvious part, providing an overview of what WordPress and Wix are.

                                                   What is WordPress

Two-key versions of WordPress are hosted WordPress or self-hosted WordPress. With this in mind, then it is sensible to undress each version and determine what lies under the veil.

                                         Hosted WordPress.

Who said that WordPress has to be a rocket science program. For hoisted WordPress, it is accessible at WordPress in a software version that has a service interface. (SaaS)Tools that necessitate building and maintenance of a website are available under the hosted WordPress version.

Dating back to the earlier life of Hosted WordPress, it all started as a blogging service but with continues investment in research, developers were able to transform the service oriented program into a website builder. Monthly subscriptions are inevitable when you want to use this website builder but the wonderful news is, you will have access to a variety of features that are helpful if you are thinking of developing a website. There are similarities that connect hosted WordPress to Wix. Just to mention but a few;

No need to buy hosting as WordPress already does that for you by hosting your site under the WordPress service. There is a lot of functionality benefits outside the box that the user enjoys.

Hosted WordPress isn’t at much an all-in–one solution as compared to Wix. Yes, hosted WordPress is well equipped with most development features, however, the user will have to make use of supplementary plugins and other third party help tools so as to enhance the appeal and functionality of a hosted WordPress website.

Self-hosted WordPress

As the name suggests, self-hosted WordPress is a management and development software that can be downloaded into a personal website server from WordPress. Once downloaded, installation proceeds and settings as per individuals’ requirements. Self-hosted WordPress is open source, this means that a user can get the code behind the program freely and can be adjusted and modified easily to suit the requirements of the user.

In other words, sites that are developed under the self-hosted WordPress can be customized to an extensive Degree-Self hosted WordPress, in the hands of a good developer, or with the help of supplementary plugins and development aids, can be modified to suit the needs of any website and meet all the requires level of functionality.

It is worth noting that, even with the prowess and authenticity of self-hosted WordPress, it is relatively very possible to not only create a website, but also maintain it without depending on a code. A good example is Nevada which uses HTML and CSS by simply using other third party editorial aids such as Divi.

Another such editorial aid is called Gutenberg-the new drag-and drop tool that facilitates the development of page layout and post content. All this features not only make content management easy for the novice webmasters, but also the newcomers.

Even though you can create and modify a self-hosted WordPress site with little developing skills, you will end up using more time to develop and join dots as compared to when using hosted WordPress or best of all, when using Wix. Some of the common task that you should be ready to perform in a WordPress development program are;

        I.       Finding a way to register your domain. This is where the monthly subscriptions come in.

     II.        You have to choose a hosting provider that best suites you. Either self-hosting WordPress or hosted WordPress.

   III.         Installation of the software to whichever device you prefer.

   IV.         Sourcing for a theme

     V.      Obtaining the relevant functionality plugins that you need and interpreting then with your WordPress software.  You have to map your domain to your WordPress site.

                              Which of the two types of WordPress are we comparing to wix?

Our comparison is going to be based on the self-hosted version of WordPress and Wix. The two have almost the same functions and that is why they almost relate.

What is Wix?

Wix, is a cloud based service that generally allows users to develop a website even without the need of having coding skills. As compared to all the two versions of WordPress, Wix allows you to develop your website by providing you with almost all the things, outside the box that you need for the development task.

This include; the domain name, templates needed for hosting, content management system(CMS), event booking tools, e-commerce functions and other support features. This means that, you can avoid the hustle of using other apps or customer codes when developing a website using Wix.

There are two ways in which you can use Wix, first, you can start with the Wix editor, which allows you to pick a template of your choice, create a structure which you need for your site, then add the content that you need for your content. The alternative way is to use Wix ADI mode (Artificial design intelligence)-This does all the website customization for you, including inserting images, videos and other texts. This is done by asking you some questions, about what you desire, what you want to achieve and feeding your information to the derivers to provide what you need.

Wix editor and Wix ADI are made for people with no web development skills. There is another version, Wix Corvid which link you to platforms like APIs, and allows is users to create collections of database and other dynamic pages. Corvid gives you a basis to additional functionality, but you will need development skills to use it.

It is important to determine to history and the number of users of either WordPress or Wix. When the number of users is a lot, the number of risk reduces as many people have faith in the development program.

More so, the service providers pay more attention to their product when they realize that they have a lot of customers relaying on the services that they provide. However, many people would use WordPress while others would prefer Wix, for whatever personal reasons or more so, expertise in developing websites. 

          What other options do you have apart from WordPress and Wix?

To be honest, WordPress and Wix are not the only means that a developer can use to build a website. There are other alternatives and depending with the user, some might say that they are better as compared to WordPress and Wix. On the self-hosted shelf, the best alternative that many developers prefer is Joomla and Drupal.

These platforms are so flexible and are flooded by millions of users. On the other hand, for hosted website builders, Jimdo offers the same functionality as wax, and at a similar price point. Another alternative option is square space which is recommended by some high profile developers. Find more reviews before deciding whether to use any of the above.

If you have an idea about starting an online business, then I would recommend skipping wax and going with a platform that is geared and supports eCommerce. I would direct you to Shopify or more so, eCommerce.

                      Why should you use Wix instead of WordPress?

1.   It is easy to set up Wix and get started with it soon enough after installation as compared to WordPress. Wix doesn’t really need special or technical skills to get started.

2.   For the sake of cost efficiency, wax is more affordable, plus, it has a free plan that enables you conduct advertising and other functions at low cost.

3.   Wix will allow you to access a lot of inbox functions, such as templates and data capturing forms

4.   You have no worry about site maintenance and security approval, as Wix is hosted and all that will be done for you.

5.     Customer support is available for Wix users. Send emails, live chats and phone calls 24/7.

Why use WordPress over Wix

1.   In terms of flexibility, WordPress is more flexible as compared to wax as you can use it to create customized websites

2. WordPress is more sophisticated. Let’s face it, when it comes to advance blogging functionality as well as content creation, WordPress beats all the odds.

3.  WordPress offers a lot of themes and plugin features. It permits you to use a variety of visual aids all to make your development projects up the notch.

4.    Capture options are more widely distributed in WordPress as compared to wax.


·    Wix is perfect for new users, for those who wish to avoid subscription costs and those with little or no development knowledge or skills at all.

·    WordPress is better for the people who; are more skilled in terms of development with enough budget and time.