11 Ways to Find Freelance Jobs: Ultimate Guide.


Freelancing is the new norm, as working from home is becoming more and more popular even among office employees. In as much as there are tons of opportunities that you can look up to make money online, freelancing has proven to be the best. For many, it often seems to be a scam until you get your first payment, and to note, many fail because they use the wrong strategies in seeking jobs. This article presents to you the beginner and pro tips for finding freelance jobs; it also highlights the best freelancing services to sell that will get you more clients and high pay. To help build your confidence with freelancing, the article also explores the frequently asked questions about freelancing while addressing the concerns, debunking the myths, and giving you a purpose to try out freelancing jobs. It is your new era of making money at your comfort.

1.    Cold Pitching.

Having an email list of potential clients is one basic step in getting writing jobs. Cold pitching is an art of emailing targeted or potential strangers in the vane of convincing them to partner with you; it is commonly known as campaign emails to potential clients.

Your pitches should be concise as possible while ensuring authenticity and ardent communication that you intend to do business with the client. You may have to approve of their work or sites and cite a problem or an opportunity that you could work on to benefit both of you. Some of the benefits of cold pitching are that it nurtures your network; it is more direct and target-oriented and a form of demonstrated personalization; it is easy to measure and results in great conversions. Be compelling as possible while also professional to see your way into new jobs.

2.    Job Board Ad Pitching.

This works well for beginners and even better for established freelancers in getting a continuous stream of freelance jobs. Pitching job adverts is way far much better than freelance markets such as Guru or Upwork in that there is no bidding for tasks would make demoralized whenever you get negative or no responses on jobs you placed your bid for.

Most startup and freelance companies post jobs in board adverts with some being more lenient in asking you to give your rates or presenting you with favorable rates of pay.  With job board adverts, you have a variety of opportunities including, agency, full-time, contract, and submission jobs; keep in mind that there is stiff competition; you, therefore, need a strong professional resume to succeed with it. The following are some of the best freelance job boards:

Ø LinkedIn

Ø Indeed

Ø Glassdoor

Ø Craigslist

Ø Monster

Ø Google for Jobs

Ø Blogging Pro

Ø Problogger

Ø Canadian Freelance Writing

Ø All Freelance Writing Job Board

Ø Contena

3.    Follow Job Board Tweets.

To a freelancer, social media is an opportunity for landing gigs. There is more you can do with Twitter to help you find jobs as it gives you the chance to build working relationships with potential clients.

Most job boards use Twitter to pass out information on new jobs and give freelance job recommendations; following these job boards make your pitching a lot easier as you have the upper hand in getting to know of the jobs before it gets way more competitive. On a mention, here are some of the savvy measures of incorporating Twitter into your job search:

Ø Shepherding people towards your online content

Ø Sharing professionally interesting information

Ø Following job boards to get the latest job openings

Ø Staying up to date with your industry, profession or niche

Ø Following key companies and leaders of potential interest

4.    Asking Your Friends, Family, and Work

Seems to be a desperate measure until you try it out. You could be having a friend, family, or colleague who is having a hard time with the dissertations, theses, or projects; your friends could be having trouble with their company software, website management, or wants eBooks describing what they do.

You never know the job that lies beside you until you ask. That aside, if you decide to freelance full time, it is important to let your coworkers, family, and friends know as they also have a lot more freelance opportunities that they may refer to you. Sometimes it is good to realize that the job is just with us, and the surest way of opening our eyes to the opportunities at hand is informing those closest to us.

5.    The Website, Use Your Website.

In the olden days, putting on a suit signified professionalism until a new era of working from home came by; for us, your website is the sign of professionalism. It acts as your company; it has every detail of what you do and acts as a reference point for potential clients.

You can also use your personal blog to get jobs by detailing information on topics that may interest your potential clients. Employ the following strategies to get jobs with your website:

Ø Ensure your blog is free of errors and has authentic information

Ø Respond to feedback by your web visitors: viewers or readers

Ø Prove to the clients that you are a well-rounded individual; serve their varied needs

Ø Build yourself an online portfolio

Ø Optimize the website with content emphasizing your interests

Ø Help or redirect managers who are hiring to find your website by putting a "Hire a Freelancer" link

6.    Free Guest Posting.

The best way of jumping over is first going under. It will surprise you that when pitching for a job advert, you may be requested to give samples of your work; lucky you if you have some, not only some but from reputable sources or commendable sites.

Write up articles for free, help people with their websites, and any other way; they will be more willing to recommend you or even hire you for more professional work. Consider writing for websites that are related to your brand, showing off your unique voice, including links to your website, and encouraging the sites to promote your guest posts. The steps to guest posting are finding the guest post targets, being guest post ready, sending a pitch, writing your guest post, and making a follow-up. You can get guest posting sites through:

Ø Google searches

Ø Prolific guest bloggers

Ø Competitor backlinks

Ø Social searches

Ø 600+ guest blogging opportunities

Ø MyBlogGuest

7.    Networking with Other Freelancers

In as much as the field is more competitive, it takes teamwork to get the best opportunities available.

Some freelancers have an advantage in getting the first job opportunities, and they go ahead to set up freelancing job groups or pages that can be taken up, most for free, a few for a commission for the effort. Networking with other freelancers is also very essential in helping you know the tips and tricks to success as a freelancer. The following are tips on networking other freelancers:

Ø Set yourself to building your network

Ø Start with those closest to you; friends, colleagues, and family

Ø Get to contact former clients

Ø Look up for opportunities that you may offer your help to

Ø Join online job groups on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Reddit, or Craigslist

Ø Seek out role models

Ø Attend local networking events

Ø Be ready to meet and greet

Ø Make follow-ups and be patient.

8.    Be Up for Hire.

With a website and a strong social media following, you can get potential clients by setting yourself for hire. Let your audience know that they can get similar pieces of work even better ones when they hire you; with an established reputation, it is much easier to get potential clients as they already have something to associate with you.

You should also go ahead and let other freelancers know that you are up for hire as they may also refer jobs to you. Although not a killer strategy, did you know that reinstating that you want something gives you an upper hand in compelling anyone that you need it? Not out of desperation, but a tip that a potential client would consider more mature and give your profile a second look then hire you. When writing a guest post or building your network, ensure you add the "hire me" badge as it may also help you get jobs your way from referrals and clients that loved your earlier works.

9.    The Local Printing and Designing Companies Are Always Hiring.

Still, on the reason why you need to go local before launching big; there are several startup companies and brands in your area that may need your help with managing their websites, marketing for them or reviewing their products, you may earn something from the little acts.

One other way is visiting web design companies and making them aware that you are a content writer; they may refer you to their clients who need their websites filled with information, and just like that, you get yourself a contract. You can equally benefit from the local jobs by requesting them to review and recommend you; your resume would look much better with verified referees. On a substantial note, you can find local freelance jobs through:

Ø Checking out job search engines

Ø Visiting local job sites

Ø Checking out with local company websites

Ø Trying community boards

Ø Visiting online career fairs

Ø Checking state resources

Ø Joining an alumni association

Ø Trying out community job boards

10. Pitching to Sites That Pay Writers

Earlier, we talked about writing guest posts for free, sure way; but I failed to mention that they can pay you for guest posts. However, getting a paid guest post is way much challenging compared to getting a free guest post request; thus, when building your portfolio with guest posts as one of the services you offer, ensure you add that you can be paid to write a guest post.

One aspect with guest posts is that in as much as they pay a decent amount of money, they are one-time gigs and requires a lot of patience before your work can actually be approved and paid. Instead, do not solely rely on them but use them as side gigs as you focus on other constant streams of freelance job incomes. For you to get started with paid guest posts, check out the following sites that actually pay up to $100 for guest posts:

Ø The Point Guy

Ø Tales From the Banana

Ø SoulTown USA

Ø Pixlr Blog


Ø WeAre Teachers


Ø Femme Feminismis

Ø Smart Business Trends

Ø Credium

Ø Elite Personal Finance

Ø Eat Your World

Ø Cooking Detective

Ø A Fine Parent

Ø Freelance Mom

Ø Christian Science Monitor

Ø A List Apart

Ø Barefoot Writer

Ø Upworthy

Ø The Graphic Design School

11. Using Content Agencies

Commonly known as content companies, these are platforms through which consumers get direct access to the information posted by information producers.

You need not look up to bigger content marketing agencies as they usually pay less, and the outcome is rarely the best, you should then go for small content marketing agencies such as WordCandy by Tom Ewer who is in the WordPress space and is always hiring writers. Small content agencies are way much better since they usually pay better; you are given ardent training and one on one customer support. Before you decide on a content agency to help market your skills to potential hirers, consider their:

Ø Processes

Ø Results

Ø Versatility

Ø Means of communication

Ø Required materials

Ø Demonstrated expertise

Ø Industry contributions

Ø Commitment relationships

Ø Reputation

Ø Solid boundaries

Ø Level transparency

Ø Reception to constructive criticism

The following is a list of content agencies you can trust to help you with marketing your skills and get freelance jobs:

v Brafton

v Brandpoint

v Column Five

v Content Harmony

v Eucalypt Media

v Fractl

v Influence & Co.

v Scripted

v Spear Marketing Group

v Talenthouse

v Verblio

Best Freelancing Services to Sell

There is a thin line, though significant difference between finding a job and getting the job. With the platform and all the strategies mentioned above, you will likely find a job; however, what we needed to mention was what pays more, and what can you actually sell to be sure to get the freelance job? Some of the important factors to consider when looking for a job are the marketability of your services, the competition, your skillset, and the client base. However, the field of freelancing is way much dynamic, just as you can learn anything way much easily, so can you sell anything that you like. Taking a second look, there are several reasons why some services sell more compared to others, and also some pay more compared to others. For today, we are only giving you an array of best freelancing services that you can offer.  #Pro-tip, highly marketable, and highly paying:

v Writing Services

1.     Website content writing

2.     Internet research

3.     SEO writing

4.     Copywriting

5.     Product and service guides

6.     Press release writeups

7.     Freelance blogs

8.     Proofreading and editing

9.     Product reviews and descriptions

10.Translation and transcription

11.Guest pots

v Marketing Services

1.     Email series

2.     Influencer marketing

3.      Tailored digital marketing strategies

4.     Landing page designs

5.     Lead magnet setups

6.     Social media management

7.     Social and search ad setups

8.     Legal template designs

v Designing Services

1.     Logo design

2.     Business card design

3.     Social media image design

4.     Brochure development and creation

5.     Apparel design

6.     eBook cover design

7.     Website page design

8.     Product graphic design

9.     Mockup design creation

v Business Services

1.     Domain name searches

2.     Business plan drafts

3.     Market research and reporting

4.     Business slogan creation

5.     PowerPoint presentation decks

6.     Creation of business mission statements

7.     Elevator pitch drafting

v WordPress Services

1.     WordPress Installation and setting up

2.     Theme installation and setup

3.     Website design and Elementor page building

4.     Designing landing pages

5.     WordPress consultancy

6.     Custom emails setup

7.     Contact and opt-in form setup

8.     Lead magnet integration

9.     WordPress optimization

v Virtual Assistant Services

1.     Data entry

2.     Detailed online researches

3.     Forum commenting

4.     Email management and detox

5.     Account setups

6.     Even management

7.     Background checks

8.     Staffing and recruitment

9.     Onboarding and new staff training

10.Website feedback

11.Setting up survey forms


13.Statistical computing

v SEO Services

1.     Installation and setting up SEO plugins

2.     Long-tail keyword searches

3.     Analysis of competitors

4.     On-page optimization

5.     Building links

6.     Webmaster and sitemap submissions

v Podcasting Services

1.     Transcription writing

2.     Voice covers

3.     Audio book production

4.     Audio editing

5.     Adding video subtitles

v Video Services

1.     Explanatory videos

2.     Introductory videos

3.     Testimonial videos

4.     Product description videos

5.     Social videos

6.     Spoken-person videos

7.     Teaser videos

8.     New staff onboarding videos

9.     Documentary videos

Frequently Asked Questions in Freelancing

Are you planning on taking up a freelancing job or want to make money part-time but still skeptical of the payment structures, what you need to do, how to go about it, and all that? The following questions and answers may prove satisfying and convincing to see you through your road to freelancing.

1.    What's the budget for your project?

This is one of the questions that can never miss during an interview with a freelancer. The question appears personal, but it is not as many clients are interested in comparing different budgets as some freelancers are tempted to overcharge their clients. It is advisable to charge reasonably to maintain your clients.

2.    How did you set your charges?

The costs may be set per word or page. Many also consider the due time provided for the job; the longer the duration given, the cheaper the charge but, the shorter the period, the higher the price. The complexity is also a factor to consider in this case since there are writing jobs that require technical research, and such may be expensive.

3.    How much does the job pay?

The questions' answer varies from one individual to the other. This depends on the orders one receives and the charges set for the job. The number of prospective clients also matters, the more the clients, the more earnings.

4.    How long have you been in the business?

This only needs honesty and a direct answer to the duration that you have participated in the field of freelance writing jobs. Many writers tend to exaggerate because the clients have a mentality that those who have stayed for a long time in the writing field are more experienced. Although this mentality exists, it should not be a factor to be considered by clients; instead, they should consider the potential of a writer.

5.    What does your business do?

This is very necessary. Although some freelance work in almost all fields, others deal in specific titles; therefore, it is vital to make clarifications on your standing as a freelance writer. Many writers usually tend to classify clients and then charge them based on the different specialties offered.

6.    How many words are needed?

For articles and blog posts, it is vital to be sure of the exact number of words that fit well and then involve a mutual agreement is concerning the number of words or pages needed. It also helps to determine the cost per word or page.

7.    How do you cope up with too many jobs at a time?

This is a challenge to most of the individuals who don't make the right decisions. The only best solution to job trafficking is to engage teamwork. You can have around five people to help you in such cases and also sorting and arranging the jobs depending on the duration given by the clients, which implies that you will have to start with the urgent tasks.

8.    How do you balance your time as a parent?

Freelance writers who are also parents balance their time well to ensure both the job and parenthood are treated equally. This can be achieved by doing your writing job part-time and the rest of the hours you do the responsibility of a parent.

9.    What do you do if you have too many ideas to write about?

This depends on the urgency and potential benefits; thus, one should experiment to know the preference of the clients and the overall audience. Therefore, the most preferred content should be given more details.

10. What are the main challenges in the business?

The key challenge that many writers face is non-complying clients who don't pay after working for them besides freelancing being restricted in some countries.

11. How do you make your writing more SEO-friendly?

Excellent writers are just not great, but they also take care of the best practices for SEO. They rank magnificent writing sites depending on their use of the right words in their right quantity and adding the hyperlink to the pieces of content they post on their website to allow the readers to gather more information from their website.

12. How do you capture a company's voice?

This is a unique feature that varies from one writer to the other. But in content writing, one must make sure that the voice is in alignment with the brand; this is achieved by familiarizing with the existing copy on your website.


Grand opportunities require brilliant strategies, great services, and great minds to succeed with freelancing. Begin your journey to making more money online with these pro-strategies to get freelancing jobs while ensuring you sell the best.