Short on Time? Here are the Top Tips for the Biggest Improvements in the Smallest Amount of Time

Short on Time? Here's How You Can Improve Your Essay in a Pinch

I remember waking up one day during final exams and realizing that the essay I had thought was due the next week was actually due that afternoon. Needless to say, it was not my best work! 

Hopefully, you're able to manage your calendar a bit better than I did, but even so, writing for college can be stressful. You've got to juggle multiple deadlines for multiple classes. You may be writing tens of thousands of words a week.

#1: Repeat Words & Phrases

This is a quick report that highlights all the words and phrases that are repeated within a short distance of each other. It’s easy to repeat phrases but it’s hard for you, as the writer, to spot them! Use this report to track them down for you. If you need help finding a replacement, try the contextual thesaurus.

#2: Sticky Sentences Report

Every sentence contains words that don't have any actual meaning but just hold your sentence together: and, in, the, of, etc. These "glue words" are empty spaces in your writing that your reader needs to get through to reach your meaning. This report flags sentences that need less glue and more drive.

#3: Writing Style Check

This indispensable report will quickly find adverbs and instances of passive voice within your writing—two clear indicators of weak composition. You don’t need to get rid of every usage, but see if replacing most of them with strong verbs and active voice helps get your ideas across.

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