Woman to Woman: Single vs. Married


Conflict and Conflict and Conflict, announcing and exploring the conflict between those who are "taken" versus the "free spirit." Why all the hate, why all the disagreements, and disregards between these two groups of the "other gender." Maybe its time to get it all clear and have a change of mind regarding you, as a single woman or married considers on the wrong or the high. 

First off, the indifference between single women and married women is generally caused by failure to explore each end, for example, only married women consider marriage unworthy while married women believe being single as a disgrace.

Many single women consider married women to have little freedom, and they say that being in a marriage is like bondage, whereby the husband must dictate every idea. On the other hand, married women oppose this statement with the assertion that not all unions exist on that platform; they explain that many of them are in happy marriages, and they don't have anything to complain about freedom-wise since involving the husband's ideas is just a way of sharing ideas.

Many single women laugh at married women because of the body changes they go through as a result of motherhood; the single women take advantage of freshly looking bodies, flat tummy, and firm breasts to discriminate married women who "grow old day by day." Married women, on the other hand, feel proud of owning a family; they feel happy to play, exercise, and eat together. They consider single women as lonely as they spend most of their leisure time doing unnecessary things instead of settling and taking care of their families. Further, they say that no matter the discrimination, their husbands still appreciate their beauty.

Married women seem to be suspicious of single ladies, which is caused by the high probability of their figure-looking bodies to attracting their husbands' attention. However, single ladies claim that it is not every woman's intention to grab another husband; they say that most of them are not even interested in neither starting families nor getting married. Notably, as single women gang up to discuss the troubles faced by married women, our beloved mothers connive to highpoint the potential threats their marriages.

Single women feel pity for married women in regards to the mistreatments they undergo. They assume that, in marriage, the fights between the couples can only be avoided by remaining single. Relatively, dear single ladies, not all married women go through this mistreatment, and it is only the smaller percentage who are not into an agreement-"our husbands love us."

Married women look down upon single women to have missed the critical rite of passage as they consider marriage as an award. Contrarily, single women do not consider marriage as a societal rite of passage, saying that it is not an achievement-"We love our independence."

It is substantial to note that many marriages are breaking because of single and beautiful women: "you have the charm to attract our husbands, making them cheat," an assertion. Single ladies contravene this saying that cheating is not their fault, and they should not be blamed since it is the married men who usually approach them.

Married women see single women as failures because they do not have established families of their own. Single women, however, say that the potential of a woman should not be related to her relationship status as they are secure being alone. They see that it is the best choice for them since women are not only to give birth but also to explore their potentials.

Single women consider married women to be dependent since they don't work; they depend on everything from their husbands. This is not true about all married women, most of them work, and they correlatively contribute to the relationship; hence the money given by their husbands is just additional money to sustain the family.

Many married women tend to choose friends based on their relationship status, and they only want to have married friends with whom they can share ideas and delightful marriage experiences. This is majorly done to avoid breakups and cheating, which can be witnessed in case the single women are involved. Single ladies, here is an advice, "Be happy for the ones who find love; take your time and keep yourself busy as one day you will find your better half."

Fighting loneliness is the most distressful challenge faced by single women. The want for companionship is a natural feeling meaning that many women who pretend to be comfortable are precisely not as lack of affection stress them frequently, leading to immoral activities. Married women, on the other hand, feel comfortable as they have someone to console them in stressful situations.

Being single is a budget-wise hell in case such a single woman is low financially as there is no one to support them; this is not the situation with the married ladies as they can be boosted financially by their husbands in case of such challenges.

Married women enjoy the security of their husbands; this includes both the physical, emotional, and financial. Single ladies fail to get this golden opportunity hence survive under normal pressures as a result of insecurity.

Single women have reduced benefits in case they take life assurance, and they have to pay higher income tax; they lose offers, for example, two for one offer. The married women have maximum benefits in insurance, and they qualify to get the suggestions of 2 for 1.

Single women lack intimacy, and they grow old without having a close special friend. This is much necessary in case there is a need to share ideas or just any form of back up, while the married women have the opportunity of sharing their problems and ideas with there closest friends who are their husbands.

Single women consider themselves closer to God than the married women, they say that they have more potential an time to serve the Lord, this is true, but it depends on one's faith. The married women also go for the worships, so they seem to lose nothing as exaggerated by the single women.

In Summary

The rivalry between single women and married women is caused by a lack of experience of both sides. Everyone seems to consider her relationship status perfect. Maybe it's all about mentality, maybe on the ground things are different. Who knows.