Ways to Grow Your Freelance Business.


The first step to grow your freelance business is to be comfortable with your marketing strategies and embrace self-promotion. The best ways to do that are highlighted below:

Effectively use freelance platforms

The perfect place to start is on freelance platforms. Most of these platforms have hundreds of thousands of clients actively looking for freelancers. One can create an account and actively apply for projects directly on the sites. Here are some platforms you can try!

Network with potential clients

An essential part of growing your freelance business is creating connections through networking. Networking is important because it allows you to get exposure for your services and to introduce yourself to potential clients.

To create such connections, market yourself in local events, in your community, at conferences and other people online. Some of the best places to interact are HERE.

Your friends and family are also an important part of this connection. They will motivate you and help you grow your business.

Engage in community discussions

One of the best ways to showcase your experience and grow your brand is being actively engaged in community discussions.  This can be done on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook groups and so on. Position yourself as an expert and demonstrate how you solve problems. That is what people want to see. Become the Go-To person!

Advertise your business

Have you heard this saying before? “You have to spend money to make money, “it isn’t always true however, sometimes spending money makes growing a business easier and faster. Run ads on different platforms and get in touch with those who need your services.

Conduct crowdfunding campaign.

For uninitiated, beginning is the most crucial part. Kickstarter is one of the popular crowdfunding websites that help companies raise enough funds to create new websites. Crowdfunding platforms provides opportunity for market research and the way to presell an offer and produce using customer's money but not company’s money and minimizing the risk. The Kickstarter campaigns raise figures within a short period of time. There are several ways of finding the crowdfunding prospects who need freelancer to manage their business writing and popularize their campaign contents.

Set your rates.

Flat- rating your packages is the best way to achieve pricing of your freelance writing. The packages can be broken down by campaign copy, perks and video script lengths. Once the you learn the intricacies of campaign writing, the gigs get easier followed by huge rise in your per hour pay. The setting of the rates needs one to have existing clients, one can easily win and maintain the clients by voluntarily writing for them some free campaign copies, this as well, facilitates the gaining of the experience.

Offer free consultation.

Verbal communication seems satisfactory to many business owners. Surveg addresses this widely as we offer free twenty minutes consultation to referral and indecisive clients. This actually led to the fast flooding of the site; therefore, it is one of the best ways of winning a client’s trust.


The contribution of success in everything lies on time. The response to the inquiries from prospects should be done on time in order to close sales. Answering questions quickly and within a given time span is a necessity. Quick decision- making is thereby needed to achieve timeliness. Consistency makes one catch up with the time factor in the process of boosting the business.

Present simple packages.

The charging by project or scope of work is the best idea so far. The fixing of prices of the packages works well as it equalizes the market whether the economy is affected or not. The packages need to be easier to understand to avoid petty inquiries from the clients. Uniqueness is key, the packages should be unique to prove the originality of the work.