Staying Fit Exercise Routine: A Break from Remote Work.


The COVID-19 pandemic has come with a lot of change. Business dynamics have changed and also not the changes at our workplaces. One on one interactions have been crippled and working from how, well, if you are lucky enough to still be keeping your job, has become the new normal. There has been a lot of downsizing in workplaces and many have opted to look for online jobs or other alternatives just to put bread on the table. This has taken quite a toll on people and there has been an increase in cases of social problems, besides health and mental issues.

Staying safe is the ultimate priority. This means no social interactions and staying indoors, which has become the new norm. This can take a toll on someone since humans are generally created to be social beings, well, except for the introverts who thrive in solitude. But that does not mean they are not affected in one way or another. Everyone is affected by this pandemic. Regardless, introvert or not, physical and mental health is very important to any human being.

However, as a human being beings we always try to find a solution to every problem. That is how we are wired and this is the positive spirit that is encouraged. Do not let all these challenges take a toll on you, always try to solve the problem. Here are a few guidelines that will help you feel encouraged, keep your sanity intact and in addition rejuvenating your body, mind and soul.

Morning Routine

Regardless of the time you wake up or start working, a consistent morning routine will do you good. Consistency is key. A 15-30 minutes exercise is a great way to start. You could start with light exercises, and as you progress and the body gets used to, you could do more. Jumping jacks and squats is a great way to start which can be done at the comfort of your home. You could also jog for 10-15 minutes around the estate or around your home. Log into You Tube for some routine cardio exercises that you could follow. These cardio exercises will help loosen your joints and muscles and get your body going.

Yoga is also a great way to refresh your energy, improving your body's balance and flexibility, and topping it up, boosting your mental health. With the all the social challenges we have currently, most of which have been aggravated by the pandemic, you will need to keep your mental health fit. All said and done, again, YouTube will be a perfect place to find a routine exercise that will be perfect for you. We thank God for technology; it has come in handy especially during this period.

In-Between Exercises

Every hour or so, in between your work, you could get up from your chair and stretch. This will help to keep any back pains at bay and loosen up your body.

 Stretch your legs and take a walk around the house or compound, walking up and down the stairs also has an added advantage. A few stretching exercises will do you good. To prevent tightening of the neck and upper body, you can do so arm stretches and shoulder rolls.

In addition, you can take some time off at about lunch break to prepare a quick healthy meal. This will help you to move around and break the monotony of sitting at one place for a long period of time. Needless to say, healthy home cooked meal is the best, and definitely a cheaper alternative. Do not forget to hydrate, drink lots of water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. You could also google some detox water recipes and incorporate them in your diet. This will help to flush out some toxins and rid your body of diseases. Staying healthy is the ultimate goal.