Exactly How Much Do You Know About Semi -Vegetarian Diet?


This implies that you follow a vegetarian diet without necessarily committing fully to it. Some semi-vegetarian observers would shy off from other dairy products but prefer eating eggs and seafood. Others will opt to avoid eggs and seafood but enjoy yogurt or cheese. A semi vegetarian diet can include any combination of vegetarian and animal-based foods. However, having more plant-based food is vital to your health.

Plant based meals are good for your health.

The reason why many people opt to become vegetarians is the interpretation that eating less meat is healthy. The basis for this assumption is debatable as many nutritionists argue that meat is essential is a diet and has low health risks as initially thought. Still,9 out of 10 vegetarians mention the effects of meat as one of the key factors for preferring a vegetarian diet.

Health is a dynamic factor and day to day; changes are guaranteed to come our way. What remains crystal clear is the fact that more plant-based foods are health friendly .8 out of 10 nutritionists agree that plant-based foods are very vital to one’s health. In 2019, the idea that plant-based foods are more health friendly than animal-based foods was put to test. The results were astonishing as plant-based foods were less likely to cause type 2 diabetes as compared to animal-based foods. ‘’That is not enough to concluded or recommend plant-based diets.’’ Some might say.

Another study in the USA analyzed data collected from over 400,000 men and women who were over 16 years old. In the study, the conclusion was that plant-based proteins reduced the likelihood of occurrence of death as compared to animal-based proteins. Animal based proteins are associated with heart diseases which is the number one killer of both men and women across the USA according to CDC statistics.

Exchanging animal proteins for plant protein reduced the risk of heart attacks and other cardiac related illness. Similarly, people with weight issues can loss some of that weight by simply eating more plant-based foods.

Multiple researches have been conducted to establish just how important plant-based diet is. This is not to subject anyone to a certain diet but the results always point out to more benefits for those eating more plant-based foods. Animal based diets cannot totally be dismissed. However, red meat has been known to trigger cancerous cells, eggs and cheese carry cholesterol that might cause heart diseases and milk and bacon have side effects associated with them. If you are not okay with dropping animal-based diet completely, feel free to try semi vegetarian diet.

Eat the Right Plant Based Foods.

So many people are turning to plant-based diet and this causes high demand for various plant-based products. Am not an economist but need I remind you that demand affects supply and is demand can’t be met, producers try as much as they can to meet the demand, even if it means making counterfeit products.

A semi vegetarian diet should include veggies which are fresh, fruits and whole grains. All these products should be properly stored to avoid fungal growth.

To sum up.

Committing to one diet might deprive you some important diet due to food preferences. However, combining two diets is a viable option that ensures your body benefits from both animal-based foods and plant-based food nutrients. A semi vegetarian diet gives you that.