How to Use Twitter Spaces.


Twitter allows you to reach new audiences, build relationships with experts and followers, easily improve your research, follow and chip in conversations, keep updated with news and developments, and above all, to open express who you are as a person. Notably, the social platform has recently launched an even better feature that allows you to communicate better with your peers and loved ones; it is called Twitter Spaces. 

What is Twitter Space?

According to Twitter, it describes Spaces are a place to come together that is built around the voices of Twitter users and the Twitter community at large. Simply put, Twitter Spaces are audio chat platforms that allow users to come together and discuss their topics of interest. The audio chats are live and available to the public and to note, the platform is open to everyone who uses the Twitter application whether on android or iOS. However, once the live chats have ended, they are no longer available to the public and are retained by Twitter for at least 30 days to review them for Twitter community guideline violations. For speakers and hosts of the Spaces, you can however download a copy of the data while it is still retained by Twitter. An added advantage with Twitter Spaces is that it allows you to listen to the audio in the background while it hides in the notification bar for ease of acce

Who can use Twitter Spaces?

Currently, users with iOS only can create spaces using the app, for android users, you will have to be invited to join a space; the feature is however soon rolling out. Spaces is still being tested among the various communities but Twitter is working on expanding the number of people who can create the spaces. 

The Future of Twitter Spaces

Space Scheduling

You will be able to schedule spaces allowing people to sign up prior to which they will be reminded from your timelines.

Multiple Hosting

Soon, you will be able to have co-hosts to help you moderate the Spaces. A participant will receive a toast notification letting you know that “This person made you a co-host of this Space.” Co-hosts will be able to manage the requests, speak, add and remove speakers.

Managing Requests

You might be wondering how to manage 10 people who would want to speak at the same time. Soon you will be able to have a waiting list to help you.

Host Controls

Chat room host controls are soon being rolled out to enable you to take down, collapse or delete pinned tweets for their Spaces.

Promoted Accessibility

How desirable is it to have an improved live caption tool to let you know that a Space is ongoing? Well, Twitter is working on it.

Audio Monitoring Transparency

More on this is coming and Twitter will be rolling a set of community guidelines for Space use and the Space review process in case it has been flagged or reported.

Improved Discoverability

More native features are being rolled out to make the Spaces more discoverable by including features that allow people who follow certain topics to get a notification on their Fleets once Spaces related to the topics is live

Android Hosting

To note, everyone is waiting for this. Android users will soon be able to host Twitter Spaces and not just join ongoing Spaces.

New Media Type Introduction

The social hub is working on the idea of adding new media types and not just tweets; you can also expect easily embeddable Spaces that you can easily integrate on other sites.

Audio Quality Improvement

For this, Twitter is going over the top to try and understand your network connectivity to help deliver the best audio quality.

Twitter promises a future of over-the-top social communications by transforming the way people converse. Spaces are human-friendly, allowing you to finally hear from your multitude of followers and those you follow to get to know more about their thoughts and reasoning behind your shared topics of interest.

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