Is Red Meat Actually Good? Eat More or Less?


There is very little evidence justifying that the consumption of less red meat is good for your health. Critics, some of whom are conventional nutritionists have dismissed the gloomy effects linked with consuming red meat and pork.

 Through a published report, the experts were convinced that the mentioned effects associated with red meat intake are only conjectures that have eroded public trust in science and cause panic among beef consumers when in reality, the mentioned effects bare very little truth.

Public health officials, not only in USA but also in many countries around the world have been urging people to reduce red meat intake divulging that red meat is a trigger for cardiac illnesses and cancer.

The many red flags we hear and read about regarding red meat consumption always sent a wave of panic among beef lovers. For researchers however, this is nothing but an opportunity to expand on nutrition awareness, in that spirit, international researchers collaborated to find out exactly how red meat intake contributed to negative health effects.

 Controversially, the experts concluded that the bedrock of all dietary recommendations, which is reducing red meat intake due to health risks is nothing but conjecture because of inadequacy of evidence to support the claim.

In a final report from the experts that was made public, the experts concluded that there are no health benefits of consuming less red meat.

 When it came to the side effects, the experts said that the risk factor was too low as very few people were likely to get diseases due to red meat intake. According to the experts, the risk was simply too low to advise the public not to consume red meat.

‘’The risks are well spread across the population and very few people actually get negative health effects as a result of red meat intake. ’The report said.

This discovery came as a surprise given that many people already relate red meat to health problems. What is certain is the fact that, future dietary recommendations will reconsider red meat intake.

As expected, the discovery by the experts was met with fierce critics from both the public health and dietary related agencies. The American heart association as well as American cancer center savaged the report calling for delayed publication of the scientific finding. Some scientists argued that the results of the findings were going to harm the nutrition field as the public will begin losing faith in science.

‘’Red meat once used to be a symbol of high class leaving, but that has changed.’’ Said Dr. Frank Hu chair of nutrition department at Harvard.

Whether or not red meat should once again be the corner of every meal still remains debatable. The many changes we expect to hear in the future regarding various foods sure will the center of daily talks. More research is what we need to settle the red meat debate once and for all.