Why Should You Hire A Ghost Writer and How Do You Do It?


Do you want to produce engaging content but you are not sure how to start? You are not alone; many top-level professionals all over the world rely on creatives to develop work for them. You too can use this opportunity to capture your style, language and in the process streamline your business in the right direction.

The primary advantage of utilizing ghost writers is that it frees you up to focus on other important things like creating revenue in your organization. If you find yourself grasping at straws to keep your head above water, take a second to ask yourself, “Should I hire a ghostwriter?” If the answer is yes, here is how to do it.


Ghost writers help you execute your projects consistently. As a manager or business owner, you have a lot to do and it is hard for you to follow through all the needed updates on your website copying, maintaining social media posts throughout the week.

Needless to say, you can’t do everything on your own and still be at the helm-a ghost writer can help!

Who is a ghostwriter?

This is someone who is hired to draft a particular assignment based on the clients’ specification. We can categorize ghost writers in many groups; they are best suited in writing:

Blog posts

Newsletter copy

Landing pages

Product descriptions

Buying Guides


Social media captions

This means that you can hire someone to write anything that includes words. Needless to say, you can do this within a specified budget and schedule that is within your timeline. 

Also, to mention, your content needs will determine the type of writer you want, but hiring a ghostwriter is a simple process that gives you an opportunity to do your homework before bringing someone on board. 

How to Hire a Ghostwriter on Surveg

To begin, it is good to have an idea in mind of what you want to develop.

If your main purpose is to create a few blog posts for your site that promote a certain topic, then that is fantastic! You will have to craft some details on your end—possible titles, word counts, budget—and use that to find a writer with corresponding expertise on.

Upon visiting the homepage, click on” hire content writer”. In this case, that person is a content writer or blog post writer.

However, you can use keywords to search for a number of services to narrow your scope. In addition, Surveg uses a number of ways to classify freelance talent and provide you with the best optionsThere are freelancers who are top-performers with excellent marks from other buyers like yourself, which makes for a smart choice to boost your conversions. 

Assuming you find someone, you like, click on their profile and dive deeper into what they offer. When looking at their materials, there are plenty of things to consider.

Choosing the Best Ghostwriter for the Job

Now that the writer’s profile is at your disposal, keep in mind that you want to choose the best ghostwriter for the job.

In the freelancer industry, there are at least 10 types of writers that cater to specific needs for a business. These include:

  • Brand journalist
  • SEO Copywriter/Jack of all trades
  • Digital/UX writer
  • Lead generation writer
  • Subject matter expert
  • Influencer
  • Social media writer
  • Advertising copywriter
  • Technical writer
  • Grant writer

This list can be used to distinguish what suits your content best and match it with the profile you’re researching. Take note of what the freelancer offers, how they describe their services, and what they include with each purchase. For example, if a particular freelancer states, “I’ll write well-researched articles to improve your SEO ranking,” what does that process look like according to each package? Better yet, how does he or she support this statement with his or her research, the number of revisions he or offers, turnaround time, price points, and customer reviews?

Hiring a writer who has all their ducks in a row will make sure that you get the most of your investment. Meaning each field is replete with details to support their services, along with writing samples for you to browse and customer reviews to help sway your opinion. If the writer you find meets these standards, then select the type of package you want and place your order for further discussion.

Best Practices for Working with Ghostwriters

Having placed your order, you’re now able to contact your freelancer directly on Surveg, and provide more insight into your content needs. This will serve as an opportunity to discuss what you envision on your project in addition to gaining a sense of what your ghostwriter can bring to the table. To help you start the conversation, here are some practices to keep in mind throughout your dialogue, which will be of help:

Get Input from your Ghostwriter

You have to put in mind that you’re hiring a ghostwriter because of their experience and creativity, therefore don’t be afraid to ask them for their input to get things started.

In need is a basic concept of what you want to create—the ghostwriter can suggest ideas and things can be put into a course of action on the basis of the package you bought. Keeping this in mind, be sure to read their packages carefully so you know what to expect, although a real pro should have no problem having a conversation with you when it comes to nailing down specifics. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their experience with the subject, if your titles are catchy enough, or what their vision is on the structure of the content. 

Great Initial Scope, Great Results

You are best suited to know expectations, therefore having an initial scope of your project to offer the writer consequently leads to positive results. That being said, outline your project the best way possible for the writer. This can be something as simple as a bullet point layout with headers, word counts, and 1-2 sentences describing each section of

a blog post, long-form article, or eBook. Having clear vision in place your ghostwriter thus

quickly gets to work and execute your project without there being too much back and forth to delay your deadline.

Don’t Expect More Than 1-2 Revisions

The amount of revision requests you get is entirely up to the ghostwriter and the package you purchase. However, don’t expect them to go beyond the limit they set. Requesting a revision is pretty straightforward on Surveg. Once the ghostwriter submits an assignment, you’ll have the chance to review and make sure it’s up to your expectation. In the case that you find some issues or you want better clarification on something in the content, be specific with your changes and mark the area in the assignment that needs correction. Make sure to offer right feedback is so as to ensure that your ghostwriter can implement your ideas. Saying that you don’t like how something sounds or that a section is confusing doesn’t really provide a clear alteration for a ghostwriter to make, so instead, give them a concrete idea to include or tell them to remove certain areas while providing them with details of how it should be.

Communication Is a Two-way Street

Last but not least, be sure to communicate with your ghostwriter in a timely fashion and expect the same from themCommunication is a two-way street in the freelancing, meaning that you expect a ghostwriter to update you on their progress and ask you any questions for clarification, whereas they want you to follow up with their questions and review their submissions within a reasonable timeframe. Both you and the ghostwriter are busy people, so make yourself available. If you find that a ghostwriter is not cooperating, you can always reach Surveg so that the issue can be mitigated.

Hire a Ghostwriter and Start Creating, Reach your full potential

When you hire the right ghostwriter on your team, your only job will be to stay in contact and wait for the results. Surveg will make it easy for you to hire ghostwriters to further your creative goals and thus exploring your full potential. In addition, your network will be expanded therefore creating tons of other projects or enhance the diversity of your business. Ghostwriting is only a small part of what’s possible on Surveg, so take charge of your ideas with a little help from a professional.