How to Use Clubhouse App.


What is Clubhouse?

This is an iPhone-only application that allows users to voice chat. Individuals can either host or be invited to join discussion forums called "rooms." The rooms are available to a user upon opening the app and are often hosted by pioneers or experts in the field. Each room has its own topic different from another room which makes it a topic-oriented discussion forum.

The app does not allow videos, pictures, or texts; it is all made of buttons that either prompt you to do something with it or just leave it; in layman's language, there is no other form of communication between the users apart from the live audio chats. You might consider using the app as joining a live episode of a podcast and since nothing is saved or any information stored about the chat; just tune in and don't leave. There is no playback.

Who is on Clubhouse?

Currently, the app boasts of hosting a total of more than 10 million users and it is getting noticed every day. The app has recently gained popularity among people like Drake, Oprah, not to say the world's richest, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Malcolm Gladwell, and Elon Musk, who has even invited Vladimir Putin to also use the app. It also hosts Lindsey Metselaar and Serena Kerrigan who are currently using the platform to host their private discussions with followers and peers.

Clubhouse app is very exclusive thus offers a high sense of security while allowing interesting conversations with no one fearing that anything they say will be used in headline news. Just so you know, check out Kevin Hart's discussion forum whether he is still funny or not, and Mc Hammer's cryptocurrency discussions among many more. 

Why should One care about Clubhouse?

Well, maybe this is not just like any other social media platform you have to deal with or just join for the trend. The Clubhouse app is more informal and allows you to also contribute to conversations that matter to you.

Get your voice heard out there and make the experience great as all it takes to fall in love with the platform is your precious 15 minutes of joining a room and you will get enlightened on matters of health, photography, cryptocurrency, and anything else that may interest you. It is very human and brings more personal appeal which is why you need to try it out.

How to register or join clubhouse.

1. Open the Clubhouse app and tap on “Get your Username” and wait for a text confirmation from friends already using the app.

2. You can also sign in by tapping the “Have an Invite text?” in the app.

3. Input your phone number you were invited with and then tap on "Next". Note that if you change the number, you may not be registered as the same contact.

4. You will receive a 4-digit code; input it below the “Enter the code we just texted you” and tap on “Next”

5. Clubhouse will then show you who invited you. You can proceed to personalize your account by importing your information from Twitter by tapping on “Import from Twitter” or manually imputing by tapping on “Enter my info manually.”

6. You will be prompted to input your email address, username, password, and photo to manually complete your profile.

How does Clubhouse Work?

· Picking topics of interest and following users

- Choose topics of interest from the provided list to help personalize your experience.

- You can also pass the section on selecting a topic and do it later!

- Clubhouse will request to access your contact list to link you up with people who you share common interests.

· Setting up your profile

- Finish setting up your profile if you didn’t auto-generate it on Twitter.

-   Add or change your profile picture.

-   Describe yourself; hobbies, industry, interests, company and work

-   Link your account to Twitter and Instagram to complete your profile. The icons of the apps linked to your account will show below your description.

· Scrolling through the homepage

- Check the upper left corner of any page of the app and click the back button to navigate the homepage

· Exploring the homepage to find more users, clubs, and rooms

- Tap the “Explore” or magnifying glass icon to see the Clubhouse explore page to find rooms, users, and clubs.

- To get suggestions of people to follow, click on some of the topics to see the rooms ongoing, the people, and clubs relative to them.

· Joining clubs

- In the "Explore" tab or using the search bar, search for any topic such as "Global Coronavirus” for example and you will get results on “people and clubs.”

- To join a club, go to its profile page and tap on “Follow.” You will be notified whenever the club owner launches a room.

- You can tap on the “following” button to also unfollow a club.

· Starting a club

- You must have hosted at least three discussions or rooms to apply for a club.

- Go to the settings page, tap on the Clubhouse FAQ page or the Clubhouse Knowledge Center Link to get the rules, instructions, and application link.

-   You will be notified upon the club’s approval. You can then edit the profile and launch rooms.

-   Remember, presently it is one club per user thus take your time to think it over and come up with an exciting one.

· Entering a room

-   Tap on the audio chatroom or room to start listening.

-   You will stay on mute as a listener.

-   At the top of the screen will be the speakers and moderators of the room.

-   There is an unlabeled area in the screen highlighting the speaker of the room known to moderators as “the stage.”

-   Below the “stage”, is a list of attendees “followed by speaker”

-   A party popper emoji on someone’s image means they are new to the clubhouse.

· Requesting to speak

-   Press the hand icon to request to speak.

-   The moderators will get notified and will unmute you upon which your name and icon will be moved near the speaker’s “stage”

· Adding friends to a room

-   Press on the “+” button below the room’s navigation to select and add followers into the room.

· Leaving a room

-   Tap on “Leave” to leave a room.

-   You can also tap on “All rooms” at the top of the screen of the room to minimize the room. If you click on another room, you will automatically join it and leave the previous one.

· Seeing upcoming rooms

-   On the homepage, tap on the calendar icon to see the suggested upcoming rooms; tap on the notification icon on any room of interest to get notified upon its start.

-   You may also share it on social media or add it to a calendar reminder.

· Inviting friends

-   On the top of the home screen, tap on the envelope icon.

-   Search among your contact list for friends to invite by tapping the “invite” button.

-   Your friend will receive a message with the invite number and link to use during registration.