What Your Logo Says About Your Brands Personality.


Did you know logos embody the personality of your entire business? Creating a company's brand identity that becomes part and parcel of the logo. This is because, it is such an integral part that is used virtually every time your business is mentioned.

Think of your unique logo as your brand’s trademark and point of identification. It is also a primary emblem that stamps your company’s purpose and mission onto potential customers and collaborative partners’ minds. 


It is important to make a good impression off the bat at all times. This is where we come in, whether you need a sophisticated edge with a simplistic design or a colorful bouquet of matching hues and artistic prowess, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some samples of what we have managed to do in a long time for different clients. Some we have even worked out on mock-ups for T-shirts, hoodies and mugs.

To get started;

1. Tell us about your business.

This is the first step; it is a collaborative process that allows us to understand your business in depth. Some of the questions you need to answer in this section include: What industry do you represent? How do you categorize your company, and what services do you provide? What is your company history?

Each answer brings your idea to life. It allows us to set the right layout, agree on the right colours based on your theme to use and so on.

2. How do you want your brand to look or feel?

The aim of a logo is to convey as much visual information about your business. Here the focus can be on style, your theme colours or any other important aspects of your business that speaks out concisely.

3. Define your brand’s personality.

Once we have all the thematic aspects in place, the next step is to focus on creatin the perfect logo.

We may opt to use simple template formats or just give it a completely new touch to make it better. Isn't that awesome?

4. Classic vs. Modern

This is a modern age, and I know many people would prefer to go viral with catchy and fancy new ideas. Nonetheless, based on your brand, even an "old school" look could better. 

5. Accessible vs. Premium

Are you trying to appeal to the masses? Or are you looking for a more particular, dare we say, exclusive clientele?

This is critical decision makes it easy for us to know what to create and how best to do it.

6. Fun vs. Serious

If your company has a more laid-back or fun approach, we then can settle on creating a logo with bright colours and playful imagery.

If your organization has a more serious demeanor, darker, solid colours are the best to use.

7. Simple vs. Sophisticated

You can choose a Simple vs. Sophisticated look based on your company's profile. To give it a sophisticated look, we will add elegant features like a unique font or specific line work. The simple one can only have a monochromatic color or a plain font.

What do you prefer?

8. Traditional vs. Innovative

A tech company would undoubtedly want to incorporate innovative designs for their logo to denote a future-forward attitude. These designs would be more modern. However, if your brand is more traditional and not necessarily interested in technology’s cutting edge, a more conventional or conservative logo design would be appropriate.

Here are some great logos that we have worked on:


Use our logo services to scale your business.

Are you convinced now, reach out to Surveg freelancers and we will create great logos for your business?

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