How Much Does a Professional Logo Cost?


Your interest is certainly caught by the many graphic images and designs in different advertisements in print, television and the Internet. You may notice that all products are coming up with the best and most attention-catching designs and visuals to help attract the attention of people, particularly prospective consumers.

If you ever wonder about the talents that make this visually appealing materials, then you must brace yourself to get to know the world of graphics designers. Graphics designers are the creative experts behind all the ads and visual plugs being posted in print, billboard, television and the Internet. The person is responsible for the interesting images on pictures or moving graphics in videos.

In the past, graphics designers' works relied heavily on creativity but because times have changed, graphics designers are now provided with many graphic aids and tools. However, graphic designers can either consider those as a boon or as a bane. 

The demanding taste and preference of the viewing public is also a cause of concern for graphics designers. These creative experts must know the target audience and must determine which strategies and styles would best work for the intended public. Thus, graphics designers are advised to earn diplomas or degrees from academic institutions and learning centers that produce experts for such job tasks.

Just like journalists, graphics designers are also advised to develop through time their own working and output portfolio. Such compiled materials would highlight the talent and creative capacity. Potential clients and employers usually check out such portfolios to initially gauge the skills and expertise of a graphic designer. 

Portfolios of modern graphic designers are now also modernized. The sophistication of computer graphics must be reflected on the outputs so that prospective clients would determine the level of expertise, reliability and creativity of graphic designers. 

Having said all that, creating engaging logo's is crucial for every business. This helps you stand out from the clouds. The cost of a good logo like these (here) ranges between $30-$1000 but see it as an investment in quality marketing and brand awareness.

Not everybody can design a logo, hiring professional freelance logo designers is your only sure bet of striking artwork that speaks directly to your customers. In this guide, we’ll answer how much does a professional logo cost, why that price varies so considerably, and how the design process works.

Can you design your own logo?

Yes, of course, this is so if you have the perfect design in mind and you have the skills to turn it out into a masterpiece. However, most businesses all over the world prefer to hire professional graphic designers or logo creators and here is why.

  • Professional designers don’t look solely at the here and now. They create timeless logos that won’t need a revamp in a couple of years.
  • Creative designers create quality that speaks for itself. They not only create amateur logos that are great but ones that remain crispy and bright when reformatted.
  • They help you get it right and that is a core piece of your marketing strategy. Branding is essential, remember that at all times. 
  • Logo design can require a substantial amount of time to get it spot-on. Professional designers work fast.
  • You might be on a budget but don't think that rules you out. Surveg is a market-leading freelance platform where you can post a job requirement with any budget.
  • Our incredible freelancers will deliver quality results by turning your idea into a piece of high-quality artwork.

What are the average costs?

We’ve given the averages, which are between $30 and $1,000 for small or medium-sized businesses–and we get it, that’s a big difference! The reason for these pricing variances is that there is a vast amount of choice when it comes to choosing the logo designer you think has the best fit.

On our website, you can hire a freelance logo maker for as little as $30. Often, they’ll produce a few options, and you pay only for those you wish to use. Therefore, if you’re after a stunning business logo, you have freedom of choice regarding your budget and what type of professional you commission to carry out the work.

What do they need to get started?

Most of the time, all you have to share with our team is the following information: 

  • The business background 

Why you need a logo, how you want to use it, and whom your imagery needs to appeal to.

  • Brand values 

What matters to you, and what you want your customers to think of when they hear your company name?

  • Style inspiration 

Do you have a particular color scheme, style, or ideas you’ve seen elsewhere that influence what you’d like from your logo?

Can I use logo making softwares?

Yes logo generation softwares work but the downside is that they are limited on templates, color palettes, and fonts. This does not meet many peoples specifications and as such limits what they could create to showcase one's brand. 

My advice is get a designer that understands what you need and is willing to make it according to your desired specifications. 

Will I own all the copyrights?

Yes, as a client you own all the rights to what we create for you. In terms of copyright law, a graphic piece of art belongs to the person who created it. However, using a freelancer on a work-for-hire basis means that it belongs to you once you have paid for the job. That is our policy too!

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